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    Hard Disk failing?

    10 currently pending sectors. Disk is now working 100% sometimes times even when idle and the whole system can appear to lock up for long periods. Although the start menu loads in the usual 2 mins the system can become unresponsive for up to 10 mins at a time as it freezes etc on boot and...
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    Solved: Jail-breaking an i-device

    It should be illegal to sell products that are "locked down" so they have to be "jailbroken". I certainly won't be buying any product that requires me to apply dodgy hacks to get it to work how I like. For that reason I can't really help you because I've never owned an Apple product, and I...
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    Alternative to AVG? My old PC can't cope with it

    Hi Sue, it's opinion how you should go about buying RAM. Flavallee's a trusted advisor and his advice is completely correct and valid, but I have some different advice which is also valid when you take cost into account. My controversial advice is: If it was me I'd just go on ebay and get some...
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    Hard Disk failing?

    Still alive, still 8 current pending sectors, still about to imminently fail?
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    Solved: Computer failing.

    I've just logged in after a week and see this is still going on..... If it's working, good, but I'm going to say this anyway in the likely event you have more problems: It's kind of frustrating. You're throwing good money after bad and Amd_Man is encouraging you even more to do this. It never...
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    TrueCrypt will let you encrypt the entire drive in the encryption of your choice. It's free and very secure.
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    KeePass Help

    How are you managing to run two antivirus programs without them fighting each other and causing instability?
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    KeePass Help

    I'll be using TrueCrypt which I currently use for certain documents as a "container". I hope you never have a fire or a burglary.
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    KeePass Help

    Maybe I'm paranoid, but my security is slowly and increasingly being stepped up. Next re-format I'll be using full disk encryption. Once you understand how certain attacks work you realise how vulnerable 99% of the population make themselves, it's difficult to not improve your security whether...
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    KeePass Help

    So either: You have an amazing memory to remember tens of passwords, eg. j34ma!dp, ok1;~@6, eAgh}dwq and the corresponding login websites Your password quality for websites is weak (ie dictionary/hybrid vulnerable), such as a word with a number, eg. LondonSW1. Including as well things like...
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    PC constantly crashing

    Good, glad we could help. And although the new PSU didn't fix it, it was something you needed, especially with a new card now.
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    GPU GeForce 8800 GT Issues

    That PSU is listed with +12V1 16A, +12V2 16A. It's borderline for that GPU, and I would highly suggest you avoid any gaming until you can replace that PSU. When you play a game you are demanding more current to your 8800, thereby putting the power supply under enough strain that you're having...
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    Alternative to AVG? My old PC can't cope with it

    Hi, If you open your machine up, check how many RAM slots you are using. Take one of the sticks out and note down the type it is (eg. PC2-6400 800Mhz). Then you just go and buy some RAM of that type, stick it in there and boot up. No software or anything needed, the BIOS should just pick up the...
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    facebook times

    Configure a block in the router, although that will be for all websites port 80. You can set it to just their computer(s) if you give them static IP's. Or, you can install some software or plugin for their web browsers like Phantom lists. Chances are being kids they'll get around the block in...
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    Solved: Need help with noisy computer, please!

    Often the skill with opening up laptops/computers and changing parts is knowing when to use brute force, and when not to(!)