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    Computer (vista-64bit) shuts down randomly during gameplay (alliance of valiant arms)

    A complete shutdown like that makes me think it's probably hardware related. Is the computer exactly the same as you bought it, or have you added anything to it, like a new video card, or extra drive, or anything? Do a memory test with memtest86+, or something similar. If you can, swap out...
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    TrustedInstaller / Windows Module Installer problem

    Well, turns out there's not too much data on there anyway, so I ended up reformatting and reinstalling Windows. Hopefully the error doesn't come up again.
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    TrustedInstaller / Windows Module Installer problem

    I tried doing an upgrade with a Vista SP1 dvd, but it copies the files, and just gives an error "Windows installation encountered an error and cannot continue."
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    TrustedInstaller / Windows Module Installer problem

    Safe mode gives the same error messages.
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    Low fps TF2

    How's your ping when it starts to get busy on screen? It could be a network issue, not a hardware problem. If it only happens on the first time things get loaded, it's because the game has to access tons of new data, and load it into RAM. Not just downloading it either, the first time the...
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    Sims 3/CPU Issues

    It sounds like it's overheating. Make sure you're playing in a well ventilated area, and that the vents on the laptop are clear, so the fan can push air out. For that matter, do you notice the fan coming on more lately than it used to? Try cleaning out dust on the vents as well, a can of...
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    Games running at 60fps jittering

    RAM is probably not the issue, it's probably the video card. Make sure your video card has the latest drivers installed for it. You can also try turning down some graphics settings in the game. Turn the texture and world qualities down, and see if it helps.
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    TrustedInstaller / Windows Module Installer problem

    sfc /scannow returns "Windows Resource Protection could now start the repair service." sfc /verifyonly returns the same error message.
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    TrustedInstaller / Windows Module Installer problem

    Alright, I'm helping out a coworker with his daughter's laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525, Vista SP1 x86)... basically, she tried to install iTunes, and it wouldn't work, and she couldn't figure it out. She took it to the Geek Squad, and they told her she needed to run Windows Update. So she tried...
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    GTA IV Fatal Error RESC10?

    Agreed, GTA SA and GTA4 are 2 completely different things. GTA4 is very CPU intensive for most things, but also requires a modern video card to run. It's mostly due to the fact that it hasn't been properly ported to the PC, while GTA SA had Vice City as well as the original GTA3 to get things...
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    Bf 2142 i need help

    I think the best way to figure this out would be to try it on different types of servers.
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    Solved: I am an AirTraffic Controller 3

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card, you can get them from Also, check if there are any updates or patches available for the game. This error is usually a software bug, so I would expect drivers or updates to fix it.
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    Why do i get BSOD when i play games and movies on my pc?

    I agree, I would try stress testing your video card. Try ATITool, if it returns any errors at default speeds, or if it BSOD's, then I'd say the video card is not working properly, and should be replaced.
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    WIC Issues

    Hi, it's hard to tell what the problem is without more details, especially without system specs. Please post your DXDiag report, so we can make sure your computer is able to run the game, and that your drivers are up to date.
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    Solved: Is a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M really that bad?

    Aero is disabled once a full screen program is started. It has very, very little effect on RAM and CPU usage once a game is started. I use Vista now, and am more than happy with it. I get a copy of it through my school, which has some sort of partnership with MS. If they get Windows 7 there...