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  • Hi Mark: I'm doing fine, just trying to stay warm. Have missed you on the threads. Sheila
    well haven't read that....but i do admire Foucault very much! :) I think he is one of the most groundbreaking philosophers of the late 20th century and i have studied him quite a bit (y)
    well i haven't heard of that book but i googled it and it sounds very interesting :) did you perhaps read Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose ? I think you would like that. it's an amazing book with layers and layers of meaning :)
    Hi Mark(?) :) I think it will take me a lifetime to finish studying Sartre ;) :) What about you? Read anything good lately?
    Yes, it is; at times we seem to miss each other. In fact I will be needing to leave soon:)
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