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  • Hello. Metallica can you help me again. I had the motherboard issue a little while ago. I bought a new board still no visual on screen
    Hi, I had replied to the post you reported regarding Factory Reset , before reading the report here.
    so you can see my reply - regards passwords and factory reset
    Hey Metallica, have been away from Tech Guy Forums for a long (except for a recent temporary interlude where a question was asked in the Forum, but i did not check for any messages) time due to illness and circumstances, but having now re-arrived have seen some messages from you in my "In" box, do you still want to communicate? Do not know, have been away for so long am completely out of touch. Cheers Metallica (by the way, one of your messages want's to know why your Icon did not appear in my Friends list: the answer is do not know how to do it!)
    Yes staritza!! Of course I wish to communicate! Hope things are better for u!!
    Hi Metallica5456, have had a notification from Tech Support Guy that you want to be a Friend. If this is correct then am sure happy with the idea; have reverted back to Firefox #24 and will not let it update, otherwise Mozilla will transform it into the abysmal FF #31.0 or whatever the thing is called. What Browser are you using, still IE? Gave it a test drive the other day and used it to go to "Old Apps" to download Firefox 24!!! (?) as am rapidly growing tired of the once almighty Firefox, and which no longer is, because the Geeks at Mozilla seem to be incapable of understanding what people want, and their latest versions are nothing more than hideous monstrosities. Mozilla have done a big back-track from Australis but their new versions are practically the same. WHY do they do this??? What the heck is wrong with those guys who keep on throwing away long-tested, tried, and proven recipe's of what once was by far the best Browser ever created???
    Hmm haven't downloaded FF recently and probably don't plan to either unfortunately. Yes AFAIK IE CAN be customized with blockers and what not BUT as long as you have safe browsing habits and use ADWcleaner once a week it will keep your browsers safe and secure :)
    metallica5456, Howdy Mate, can IE be customised like Firefox??? Such things as advertisement blockers, etc??? Most Best Wishes CyberFriend
    metallica5456, was going "Ape" trying to find on the Australis Firefox where was the "Options" Menu; and also the Bookmarks, etc, could not find them even by Googling for them, and ended up hassling Mark1956 about it!!! Mark1956 showed me how to get around it, but metallica5456, it was quite a radical shock when Firefox suddenly became Australis.
    @ metallica5456, always thought you would be Firefox, but have been surprised to read on the Web all over the place Geeks saying that the latest Internet Explorer is pretty good. metallica5456, how would you rate it against the latest version of Firefox???
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