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    Virus-xp antivirus

    I woke up this morning to find the XP Antivirus installed on my computer. Good thing I didn't have much planned for the day. After running AVG/Ad-aware/malware bytes here are the end results. If anyone can glance over, and see if there is anything suspicious, I would truly appreciate it. I...
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    Burning editing tv from MCE

    I have no problem burning a dvd within MCE. Programs are all t.v. related. I have used d-cut, and though it's okay, it bombs out more times than it works. I am trying lifextender right now for editing. Is there any way to get the files back into MCE, so I can burn from there? I know they...
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    Media Center set up

    You sound like me. I just started using this also, and had my computer for 2-3 years. Yes, it is possible without the remote. I no longer have mine, and used nothing else that may have came with the computer. I only have it recording to my computer, but all is going well. I record, and...
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    Media Center recording help

    I like the concept of the media center. It is very easy to use. I can record to a dvd on this, except when I tried a dvd+rw (it did not work). My system is suppose to allow this. My system came pre-installed with the Sonic My DVD. I have not been able to record using that program. I have...
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    Found one that worked and was able to get back on. Very strange though, the last one I had hooked up that did not work on that computer, is working fine on this computer. I'm using it now!
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    I came home and my keyboard is no longer working. It was a wireless. Okay, so I changed the keyboard to a brand new one (not wireless though), and restarted the computer. Low and behold, this one isn't working either, and now I can't even sign on to my computer, or get into the restore system...
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    Blank Monitor

    I started to have problems a couple months ago. I just have not had alot of time to try and fix it. The computer went out. The first thing I tried was the power supply, which seemed to be the problem. The computer went back to working, but alas, not for very long. I checked it again, and...
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    Sending word 2000 attachment

    I did send it to myself, that's how I became aware of the problem. In outlook express, I tried changing different settings under options, switching from html, text, and other possibilities. Every way I tried it still came out the same.
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    Sending word 2000 attachment

    I am trying to send a word attachment using outlook express. I currently use word 2000. I just found out that when the attachment goes through, it mysteriously creates its own format when you open the attachment. I get double lined items where they are not intended. Also, a heading in the...
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    Networking for Newbies-It may help someone

    I by far am not a novice for computers. I have just spent 2 days trying to network my 2 computers together through a wired system, even though I have had it in the past. I just purchased a new system. You would think you can just connect one, and reconnect to the new, but it didn't work...
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    Windows XP will not reinstall

    I ended up doing fdisk on my system, using a windows 98 boot disk. I originally just wanted to restore my windows xp, but in the bios there was no option to boot from CD, so I went the fdisk route. Now, I still cannot boot my cd. With the windows 98 boot disk still in, when it prompts me to...
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    computer is sloooow

    If you do not find anything within your system, you may want to contact your service provider. That ended up being my problem. I run through cable and my splitter was bad on the outside of the house. Since it was changed, I am running much better.
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    How do you bypass the router

    I'm having problems installing microsoft updates, and was on the phone with a tech today. After several attempts, still failures, he said lets try to bypass the router. My question is, I have one cable that links the router to the modem, and one that links the router to the hard-drive...
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    Internet error

    I recently redid my pc with a clean boot of XP. I can get on to the internet, but have been receiving many error messages. Most state Internet Explorer Error Signature, and once this appears it closes down the internet. I'm not sure if there is some setting I just need to change, and...
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    Redoing windows xp

    I want to wipe out my computer and start fresh. I have a windows xp cd. Will I need a bootable disc also in order to do this. I'd like to wipe out everything on my hard drive. Thanks for any help. Midwest