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    Install Adobe Photoshop (Ps) on Ubuntu

    There's a whole page full of GIMP "reference" tutorials here - @ - and TBH, you only have to visit YouTube and enter basic search terms to find tutorial vids about any aspect of the GIMP you can think of.....there must be thousands of them out there in the public domain. Just remember...
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    Install Adobe Photoshop (Ps) on Ubuntu

    I run an elderly copy of CS2 under WINE in Puppy Linux. I bought this back in the day, when I had a lot more coming in. It may be old, but it's still plenty powerful enough for what I need. I was 'lucky' with this one; due to changes in the way that Adobe distributed, activated & supported...
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    How to set up a file sharing network

    @ PatrickMP :- If what you want to do is transfer files between Linux machines, then in all honesty Samba is overkill. It automatically assumes there is a Windoze machine somewhere in the mix, and it can be an absolute PITA to set up. Years ago, when I first started with Linux - Ubuntu 14.04...
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    New Ubuntu User

    @ Kolias:- I don't run Ubuntu myself (haven't done for many years), but see if this will help:- Looks worth a try. Mike. ;)
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    The Linux Software Thread

    Right, boys & girls. Sorry for the huge delay; here's a bunch of new, up-to-date 'portables' for Puppy. Chrome-portable (88.0.4328.182) - -------------------------------------------- Iron-portable...
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    Portable version of Linux

    @ muckmail:- You should be good to go with Fossapup 9.5, though as JB says, it may be better to use Xenialpup64 7.5 instead. The only downside there is that Xenialpup's 'parent', Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 'Xenial Xerus', is only about 6 weeks away from EOL; this means that stuff from the package manager...
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    Portable version of Linux

    If you specifically want a USB install, then really you HAVE to go with Puppy. Now; why do I say that? Simple. Because although you CAN install most "mainstream" distros on a flash drive - and, in all honesty, these are the ones most people will point you towards - they treat a flash drive...
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    Install Linux on XP?

    Mm-hm. I'd recommend the same; try a Live CD/DVD/USB run, and see what you think. In fact, because all Linux distros - with the exception of a very few which are specifically geared toward enterprise users - are free to d/l, install & run, why not try a few? That way, it gives you a bigger...
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    New Moderators!

    Don't forget; "noobs" stand the first round of drinkies.... I'll have a large scotch. Cheers! :LOL: @ iMacG3:- Hallo, mate! Didn't know you were a member here, too..... Mike. ;)
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    Recommendation on Linux

    Mm. Depending on how young these children are, how inquisitive they are, and what you think they might find interesting, there's this one you could look at:- "Sugar On a Stick" Developed by Sugar Labs, it's an OS specially designed for youngsters, with interactive 'learning' built-in. It'll...
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    Updating VLC in Linux

    Also, it's worth noting that on our side of "the fence", it's nowhere near as critical to keep things constantly updated to the newest version ALL THE TIME as it is when running Redmond's abortion of an OS. New versions often don't bring many - if ANY - "noticeable" improvements. Not that you...
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    Unable to install PyCharm on my Chromebook

    Won't work. ChromeOS is essentially built around the Chrome browser, and as such is designed to work solely with 'webapps' from the Google eco-system. The usual Windoze-style practice of surfing websites to download software is a complete waste of time. Sorry if that comes across as negative...
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    Unable to install grub in dummy

    I have to concur with Allan. If you've tried multiple re-installs, one over the top of each other, you will by now have made a complete, total hash of your MBR. The only solution to this will be a thorough wipe/erase/ re-format, followed by a clean re-install. Otherwise, you are going to have...
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    Hi very new to Linux and am struggling to use it properly.

    Well, for a start, ChromeOS is not Linux (as such). Google have based the ChromeOS operating system around Gentoo. Yes, it's Linux, but a type only normally used by hardcore Linux geeks, and Google have tweaked the kernel (and subsystems) with a hell of a lot of proprietary code, peculiar to...
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    Discord Server icons disappeared in Chrome 49.0.2623.112

    That Chrome browser is something like 4½ YEARS out-of-date! It's more likely Google have dropped support for certain items, which Mozilla are still supporting with Firefox. Unfortunately, your choice of browsers for XP are severely limited by now.... Do yourself a favour, and move forward to a...