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    How to password protect an external USB hard drive

    Please tell me any freeware, for windows7 which can password protect an external USB hard drive, from unauthorized use.
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    Copy paste problems in windows 7

    Sir/madam! As i start copying from external device or from internal partitions of hard drive, heavy files of more than 100 mb above sizes take too long time to get copied. This happened suddenly on my computer, It was all normal, suddenly this happened as I was copying from any memory card...
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    Securing a CD

    please suggest me a free software that would secure a compact disc or dvd with a password. OS is windows 7. but application should be completely free.
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    Please recommend any .Epub maker

    Hello respected experts ! Please tell me any freeware for windows 7 32bit, any software that would create an epub file out of my text. my content is currently written in .txt format. Software should give an output format in .epub and it should have user friendly interface. Most importantly it...
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    audacity recording issue

    sir you are requested to fix this issue, as i am having problems with recording audio on audacity software. I am getting a persistent noise when ever i tap on button of recording. I am attaching a picture, which will show you an exact image of noise in right channel. This happens with all...
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    pdf software : please recommend

    hey experts ! i need a pdf creator for my text and image files. please recommend me any free software where i could merge text (txt) and image files (jpeg,png), and software should make one pdf document out of my text and image files. It should have a better user interface. Please recommend me...
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    Solved Analog speakers connection with PC

    thank you sir!!!!!
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    Solved Analog speakers connection with PC

    sir, i have two analog speakers who have two wires each, red and blue. I dont have speakers for my PC, can i connect them (analog speakers) to my PC with simplest procedure. Please tell me if there is any.
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    recommend me a motherboard

    ok, you just please put your suggestions forward regarding what i need, leave the budget on me. But don't recommend me more higher priced components. Recommend me which is average and will comply with my medium level video editing. Thanks.
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    recommend me a motherboard

    sir i dont have so much budget, all the peripherals including RAM and processor should come under the price of 10000 indian rupees / 160$ around
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    recommend me a motherboard

    sir i have G31 ECS motherboard right now with ddr2 1gb RAM and intel pentium dual core processor.
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    recommend me a motherboard

    ok let me not choose ECS, then you please recommend me any branded motherboard for video editing, but should comply with the requirements i have mentioned above in the post.
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    recommend me a motherboard

    hello guys !! please recommend me a motherboard but same should be only branded ECS (elite computer system) motherboard. configuration should be *it should support multiple displays *its memory architecture should be DDR3 supporting upto 16/32 GB *it must have hdmi display port *it must support...
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    i want to know the name of a device.

    plz recommend a device other than dvd player.
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    i want to know the name of a device.

    yes u r right, i want so... plz recommend a device.