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    Putty & Windows 7

    What are the basic commands you are trying to use? If you type 'ls' and hit enter do you get anything?
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    Creating a multi-boot DVD

    I'm looking for some recommendations on software that will allow me to take multiple ISOs (bootable) and create a bootable DVD. TIA
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    GPO password policy

    Is it possible to set a different policy per OU?
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    IIS 6.0 - Authentication

    I've changed the settings on my website: Unchecked "Enable anonymous access" Checked "Integrated Windows authentication" Now when I try to open the site it prompts for a username/password, which I provide mine (I'm a domain admin), but it never accepts it. It just keeps prompting...
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    Cisco 2691 with Comcast Business Cable

    Never mind....I figured it out.
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    Cisco 2691 with Comcast Business Cable

    I'm trying to setup a Cisco router to use a Comcast cable connection instead of our 3 T1s. The problem I'm having is I can ping the Comcast SMC Gateway (modem/router) from the Cisco fine (ping and - comcast gateway) but I can't ping anything else. I've turned...
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    Cisco - QoS for VoIP

    We're having some issues with VoIP quality at many sites. We've tried ajusting out configurations but and it seems to have helped a little but we're still having quality issues (the remote site can't hear us or we can't hear them). Any suggestions on what I can do to increase the quality...
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    Slow Internet Connection (Debian)

    It took hours to install Debian on a new Shuttle I purchased. I installed Vista first to dual-boot and I'm getting the speeds I should 500Kbps yet in Debian I'm only getting around 12Kbps. I tossed in Kubuntu disc (live) and...
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    Processor Question - Athlon X2

    I just replaced my Athlon 3500+ with a Athlon 3800+ X2. It looks like Windows sees it as a single core processor whereas Linux sees it as a dual-core perfectly. Do I need to reinstall Windows to get it to see my process properly? Also, in Linux it's showing the cpu MHz as 1000.000. Should...
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    IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003

    I'm running IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 Standard Edition. I've written a page in ASP that runs an .exe using the following code: Function SNMPSET(vServer, vCommunityString) Set WshShell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 'Create filesystem objects 'Run the SNMPSET command...
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    Dual boot ubuntu

    Do you have the option of installing in text mode?
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    Unable to contact DHCP Server, Connection Timed Out

    Try this... Have you tried a new cable or one that is currently working on another computer? Have you tried moving to a different port on the switch/router that is currently working with a different computer? Also, try booting into safe mode with networking and see if you can connect.
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    Dell PowerConnect Switches (Managed)

    I'm looking for any information (or an example :D ) on how to save the running configuration to the startup configuration via SNMP on the Dell PowerConnect 3348 or 3448 series switches.
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    Linux just didn't cut it.. maybe i'm missing somehting?

    Did he say 'winamp'? Amarok > Winamp (hands down)
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    Cisco help needed (QoS)

    Main Office Intarweb Remote Locations I have Cisco 1711 VPN routers @ home (and other locations) and our voice quality isn't so hot. When I'm at the main office the remote locations can hear me fine but I get choppy voice from their end. Sometimes it works fine other times it isn't so good...