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    Should I Trust

    yep, as photolady says, either find the appropraite jumpers out to reset (clear) the bios (back to default [no password]) or pull out the cmos battery. the latter much easier that would definatly clear the password.
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    Login to XP fouled up

    some ideas: have a look around in go to run, type 'control userpasswords2' (without the quotes) and have a look around in there for settings also have a good look in 'Advanced' option on the same panel. just some ideas etc
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    Video Problem!!!!! Need Advice ASAP Thanks

    yep, as rude said, driver problems. either wrong/non-up-to-date driver, or perhaps dodgy graphics card. you could perhaps try and change the hardware acceleration. display properties > settings > advanced > troubleshoot etc
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    Hijack this help

    cant see anything obvious, but the fact that you have soo many processes in that list - i have a about a quarter or less of the number. try disabling each process etc, and seeing if any change.
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    do you have a laptop or a wireless-network card etc? because most references seem to be to wireless networking devices. if this is the case then its pretty likely you need it. have a search on techguy for 'odhost.exe' there is quite a few threads etc.
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    Solved: Backup question

    i wouldnt have thought that 95 backup's are compatible with xp myself. you could just backup the files manually, as in not using the backup-program and just sticking the files on the floppies. or you could scrap the floppies, burn a cd, use a usb flash drive, etc... if you have big...
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    133 With A TV Card!??

    thanks junglejeff, i just thought maybe some processing may be done on the card itself, and a friend said about a tvcard only working on a computer that had a 64mb card. anyway thanks. i apologise for calling death_au a fool, just a figure of speech that really isnt well conveyed thru the...
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    how do i stop msn6 from running in the background?

    have a look in the start menu > startup, otherwise just use above clever-guys solution.
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    laptop DVD drive problem

    dos and win3.1 have no support for dvd etc. fool. if you dont want xp, then you could install 2000, NT or 98 at least they support dvd. or a new distro of linux.
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    133 With A TV Card!??

    i have a 133 win98 box, do you reckon you run a tv card. box has a 1mb graphics card/display adapter. any thoughts, thanks
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    Transfering HDD's to Laptop

    ive got an old puter - it wont boot (ram problems prolly) anyway, i got a few disks in there, most ide but some scsi. i need to get the info from the discs to my laptop. any ideas. (i could use my desktop puter and just stick the drive in etc -- but too messy) any other ways of...
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    XP boots fine, but display goes blank just before Welcome screen

    perhaps a problem with the refresh rate, monitor cannot handle it etc. tried booting in safe mode? psu sounds adequate for your system
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    Simple Sharing and Security Problem!

    okay i disabled it, its not clear to me how i then make it private. i clicked on 'do not share this folder' but when i turned simlpesharing back on. it still is not ticked. do i just permanently turn off simplesharing?? thanks
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    Simple Sharing and Security Problem!

    my problem is that i cannot make a new folder that is private. when i click on; file > properties > sharing > 'Make this folder private' tick box is greyed out. ~ some info that may help: i am running: windows xp professional +SP1 i share a computer, there are two users. 'Me'...
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    yes, the rival site: www.teensinhereidshirevilleplace .com web portal for ye oldy' englandtown. lol