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  • I can indeed say Llanelli it, unfortunately I'm not passing it anytime soon and it's too late anyway now anyway... send her one today and tell her it's for next year too :p

    Honestly Moby you have WHSmiths where you live don't they... if you go in and ask for a diary they sell you this little book with Months and Days and stuff in it so you can write down peoples birthdays and such other important occasions like how many days since you left Wales and what not... whaddya mean it's too confusing? Ask Tom, I bet he can work it :p

    PS... have they told you you can's support Wales anymore in the Rugby?
    umm...that pm was not to remind you of Bea's was to tell you that I had every faith in your ability to remember it on your own. :p Thats my story and i'm sticking to it! :D
    Oh God it's my sisters birthday tomorrow and I haven't sent a card. Anyone passing Llanelli tomorrow? I bet only TF can say it never mind pass it ;)
    I came here for somone elses birthday though. . . . . I've got a pm to read from Val too. Gosh, I wonder what's in it? :p
    Anyway, I sort of remembered myself, on my own, with no help. I remembered I'd forgot my sisters birthday when my mother phoned to tell me, (ok, she helped a bit) which made me remember not to forget someone elses birthday and because it's online I'm early. It's genius . . . . . ok, it's man rubbish, but it's worked for me. I'm here. Actually I'm in the wrong place. Where am I?
    :D Hi Steve!!! No... you get a notice when you log on.. so we can stock you with impunity and you won't know about it unless we say something :D in my case I'm incognito so I can stock many people without them knowing I visited!! :D

    just kidding!!! :D and showing my face!! And reminding you to send your sister a card :D my work here is done :D

    You have 2 hands and 4 drills... do you need some kind of group to join to help you with this addiction?

    Now is that late for this year or early for next year... :confused:

    Jibbering wrecks are us! Hi TF. Happy Birthday! :p
    Thanks Val. That makes sense.
    What? :confused:

    The good news is, I've got a new drill! That makes 4, it's still not enough but it has allowed me to get the hang of this socialmessagenetworkpostlogging thing in a . . .
    "who cares if anyone can see me gibbering anyway, I've got a new drill"
    . . . kind of way!
    ah, so you found your way to your profile page, I see! :D Somewhere in your settings, you can set it so that you get a notification at the top right of your page, where the "private messages" link is (instead it will say "User notifications") It is there that you will see if anyone has posted a visitor message in your profile.

    Other stuff that you might be interested in knowing...if you post a message while at your own profile page, people can only see it if they come to see your page. If you want to reply directly to anyone that has posted a visitor message, then you can click on the little link "view conversation" and then when you reply, your words will go to the other persons profile page...but I must say that its much more fun watching you talk to yourself instead! :D
    This is what happens when you uproot a Welshman from his home... he turns into a jibbering wreck :D

    Hey sweetie :p
    By George I think I've got it! Can everyone see this then? Nosey buggers! Do you get notifications of when someone types something? If I typed something somewhere else would I get notification of a reply? Where's Katmandu? What's the capital of Peru? What's a social group? (ones without pubs I mean?)
    I'm typing to myself aren't I?
    I'm still typing slow too.
    Hey that looks like me in the pic above?
    Handsome devil whoever he is. :D
    Ok, I've only just found this bit that allows me to type some sort of reply to someone and yes yes i know, it's right there before my eyes, but I have no idea how to reply to the messages I get from my profile, whether I'm speaking to all of you, one of you, none of you, or posting a message to myself? I'll just talk amongst myself about drills, shelves, etc. I wonder If I've actually got enough drills yet? I've definately got all the types of saw I know the names of but sometimes I just haven't got the right drill for the job? How do worms move as well? Why have men got nipples and am I actually talking to anybody? Who cares. I'm used to it. This'll help me get faster at typing anyway.
    Where am I?
    are your ears ringing right now Steve....according to your "current activity" information, you are modifying a post somewhere in the forums. And here I am making mischief in your profile, mwuhahahahaha! :p
    You have had 99 visits to your profile page...ima gonna leave and come right back so I can be the 100th! :D
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