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    Add on to Firefox

    Again I am not sure where I should post this, sorry. Tried to go to the Firefox Forum but it was closed down for maintenance. Forever, you great people have given me great advice on trying to get Flash Player to install on my pc (XP, 32 bit, etc.) zip worked. Well my "local computer guy"...
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    I didn't know where to post this, sorry, but where do I go to send Mike Cermak a PM? :confused:
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    Solved: Didn't know where to post

    oh I didn't say what i really needed (blonde girl here) but the moderator who founded Techsupportguy. hope some of you are in a warm climate...Indiana is a crazy weather day 80 degrees but then like today 50 degrees. but still love indiana because of the seasons. if you live in a...
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    PM to moderator

    how do i send a PM to a moderator? and how to i send an attachment with the message? and who is the individual who started "Techsupportguy"; I would like to send him/her a private message with an attachment
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    i forgot how to send an attachment with a post. wasn't sure where to post this question, sorry. thanks for the info
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    Solved: Didn't know where to post

    i really need to send a private message to one of the moderators (it's a good message!) but I don't know how to do it? Help! thanks so much
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    Ad Muncher

    Peeking out from the closet....I have Adblock plus and like it, but there is so much garbage to block it seems that is all i do is click on "block this image" ya da ya da. Since I am such a rookie and a blonde do you think I could basically figure it out just enough to get rid of 85%--90% of...
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    Ad Muncher

    I am so so very sorry about my quote (save quotes/sayings from a lot of sites--deleted this one from my list of quotes!!!!). Please everyone accept my sincerest apologies!!! I'm going to go now and hide in a closet.
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    Ad Muncher

    It has been a long time since i have visited you wonderful hope you feel today, life is good" Going to take a minute and catch up on the forums, but first has anyone heard of Ad Muncher? Supposedly it blocks popups and all those "things" that drive all of us crazy. Ad Block Plus...
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    MOPM all of sudden won't open

    hi yas! it's warm in Indiana FINALLY! two days ago we were wearing winter coats and a week or so before that it was 80 degrees. that's indiana! :D well this MOPM not opening happened once before and do you think i wrote down how to fix it? nah! duh here. So wonderful ones, any help would...
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    MOPM all of sudden won't open

    Had been opening jpeg files...everything was great until i got to the last jpeg file to crop and MOPM wouldn't open! :confused: hmmm help! thanks!
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    A box with icons pops up

    my bad in not following up on my previous "weird box pops up" i saved a print screen; however, it was too large to attach to a post..oh it shows up on any web site and i am not sure why it pops up in some places and not others. BUT this box contains four icons: search google, search surf...
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    15+ year olds on mopeds

    in the state of indiana moped have to be licensed/insured. I notified my insurance company the day of the accident. I am sure my attorney will do a great job, but how does one find out if, in this case, the 15 year old was insured under his parents insurance? also, mentioned to my attorney...
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    15+ year olds on mopeds

    What do you think about young teenagers on mopeds? :( :confused:Never thought about it before my accident, but now??? If they are at the far right of my lane, I am going to try and find another road to get to my destination or something. Also, here's what happened...your thoughts? in july...
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    weird "box" pops what is it

    here is the "driving me nuts" weird thing