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Oct 24, 2015
Oct 12, 2005
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from Eastbourne, United Kingdom

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Oct 24, 2015
    1. Morny
      WOW, a bit late and I didn't realise. At the moment it's 17:20 so I will also switch off to prepare dinner.
      Take care
      Love Maureen x x x
    2. antech
      good day,morny!
      its 9:39 PM here now.
      Will go offline in about 5 min.
    3. Morny
      Glad you are doing OK and sorry for the confusion. I sort of thought you said you were doing something in IT. It's cold here and although the sun has been out, the wind is very chilly. It's about 13ยบ C and looks like rain. Could do with it being warmer, can I pop over and warm up?? hahaha
    4. antech
      The tution is just fine.
      Its NOT an IT tution,but a school tution.
      It's a Bit normal here,with temp. as much as 39 C and between 30 C
      It just rained yesterday,I was a bit Uncomfortable with the weather...
      as it's not a rainy season .
      The rainy season here is usually beteeen June and August and sometimes even lasts to september.
    5. antech
    6. antech
      I will surely keep you updated about my status and I hope the same from you.....
      Got a tution tonight.
      At 8:30 PM,so....
      my mom just keeps saying that turn the lappy off or else I will just shut it down and throw it in the CANAL----You can assume it as a small river Outside my house.
      My webcam's not working and so does the USB Ports
      else I would just keep reporting you and we are not rich enough to buy a digicam
    7. antech
      41 D is somewhat hot to us..
      Note the word "Somewhat".
      According to the Indians ,
      its NOT TOO HOT,but some people feel so and also the media bumps it and like a fire forest make the people the hear loud that its HOT AROUND HERE.
      In one of our state,
      the temp reached about 52D Celsius!
      Now thats hot!
      BTW, my school is around 1km away from my house.
      1.5 KM=1 Mile I think.

      We(Me and my friends just walk and go in the weather) in the morning at about 7:10 in the morning
      and they just say that they just wanna kill the SUN off.
      Whats the time there?
      Its About 8:00 PM around here (20:00)
    8. antech
      19 Degrees = Cold here,
      Anyway the temp here reaches 1 Degree Celsius in winters.
      Maybe thats normal for you.
      In that kind of cold,Indians take out all their sweaters and coats and everything available around them that makes them comfortable and feel that their body is hot enough.
    9. theguys
      thx for the help
    10. redoak
      Morny: The Reg cleaner in CCleaner is an option thatis totally separate from the other 'cleaning' options. You have to choose to run it, rather than chose to not run it.
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