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    1. n00bie51
      Hello Mosaic1, I would like to request your aid.

      A long, long, long, long time ago you posted several responses to this thread. I came across it in a Google search because I currently have a problem finding msinfo32 (I'm running Windows XP.). In your second post, you told the OP to see if various other tools would work and gave a list of things to type into Run.. When I put those in, all of them said Windows could not find them or appeared to be corrupted. Would you help me generate msinfo32 and resolve this issue for me?

      Any help is sincerely appreciated.
    2. aleo_009
      hey mosaic
      hi how ya doing
      well i was searching on the net about how to solve a wscript file error, and i found out that you helped coy0209 a year n a half ago.

      well m not much of a computer guy and don't know bout hijackthis or anything like that.
      i was having a problem with wscript as: when i press my cd rom button to eject a cd an error was coming which said wscript.exe-No Disk and a message was "there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:." it gave 3 options cancel, tryagain, continue. even if i press on any of them it didn't go and popped again. i used to start taskmanager and end wscript process.

      also when i used pendrive it would not end when i go for safely remove USB.
      and for this also i had to stop the wscript process.
      but it wasn't working and wscript started again when my computer would start next time.
      being fed up of this i started doing end process tree for wscript.
      i did this for couple of times.and since few days ago when my computer started there was an error each time showing windows script host could not find c:windows\system32\semiantivirus.vbs

      i did registry cleanup on my comp. it worked but only for 2 3 days and again the same things happed.
      i have avast antivirus 4.8 home edition but it doesn't detect any virus on my comp. not even in the boot time virus scan.
      now every time i start up my comp it is showing the error
      windows script host could not find

      what should i do??
      plz suggest as soon as possible.
    3. markmarkma
      gd day..i have the same problem same with michealmyers the thread that was posted last problem is a little bit different from is when i scan my computer with the combofix and after the scan i cannot hear any audio output coming from IE,FIREFOX,or from AUDIO advised him to recover the file MSACM32.DR in the c:\\windows\system32\msacm32.dr....infact i have it when i check it to the directory of system32...can you help me to solv this prob....tnx advance
    4. Duperman
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