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    Choose a new web browser

    I would recommend Pale Moon.Works for me.
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    Gmail spam report option?

    Thanks for the reply. So the report option is from Google and legit.That's what I wanted to know. Solved :)
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    Gmail spam report option?

    Just in the recent couple of weeks I get a few,sometimes in the teens,spam emails hitting my inbox and when I select them to be moved to the Spam folder I get a popup asking if I want to report spam and unsubscribe.I am not subscribed to them so I just hit the Report option.Then I get a bunch...
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    Some Comments About The Internet Explorer 11 Browser

    I use Pale Moon,I turned Internet Explore off when updates ended.Firefox was my favourite but they changed for the worse so I switched to PM.I do have FF on my computer for those times when a second browser is needed. Poor old IE:D
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    Air Purifier Near Desktop Computer - Is It Safe??

    Not an issue.Nothing bad is going to happen.Put your mind at rest,move on.:)
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    Can you shut down the system with one click?

    Can't help you with the shortcut path in Win 10 but once you find out you can also make a reboot shortcut,I made both form my Win 7,Keyboard shortcuts as well as the desktop.Very handy to have.
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    Solved Help installing new browser

    I now use after using Firefox for years.Simpler and easier.Been using the Pale Moon for years also and I find it beats Firefox.The Fox started out good and then took a nose dive so I switched.I keep the Fox as a backup browser and use it when needed.
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    Those that are keeping Win7 after Jan2020 Question

    I'll be keeping my eye on this site,,patches after end of life for Windows 7 and I have Malwarebytes Premium which gives me a small measure of confidence that I will survive after Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft.Time will tell,but if I start running into aggravating...
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    i burned a file in cd but now it is not in my hard disk

    It's on the cd.Just copy it back to your hard drive.
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    Unknown Agent is using up HDD Space

    I just freed up 6GB of space by removing 4 restore points,2 of which were Windows update restore points.That is just to give you an idea of the amount of space lost to restore points.It's something that I check occasionally,every few months or so.
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    Unknown Agent is using up HDD Space

    I know that my Windows 7 uses up disc space by making restore points.I have a program that lets me delete any restore point thus freeing up disc space.You would be surprised at how much space it takes up and you can have multiple restore points.Don't know if that has anything to do with your...
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    Internet security virus software

    Here you go,(free version),
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    Still counting to 1,000,000 #5

    33,591 never saw that post!
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    Still counting to 1,000,000 #5

    33,586 go forward,it's that way,:)