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    OutLook 6

    I am trying to set up email accounts using OutLook 6 and er, uh, when I set up the accounts..... I go to download available folders and all it does is sit there... What gives??? What can I do??? This is a FRESH install... !!!
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    Outlook Express

    WHERE can I DL a copy of the LATEST version of OUTLOOK 6?
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    HD Util fix Bad Sector

    I don't know what it is but this is the 3rd damn BRAND NEW HD that all of a sudden had BAD SECTORS... I need a util that will try to fix and repair them.... scandisk or chkdsk does not work.... I FDISK.. restart.. and I STILL do NOT have a C:\ drive...... Thx in advance......
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    Nero CD SW

    I have Nero SW htat iz pretty krappy... WHO has CD Burning SW that iz BETTER than Nero???
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    2K w/ AD to DSL

    Thx. I looked thru there but did NOT find what I need.
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    2K w/ AD to DSL

    I have Win2K Active Directory... HOW can I connect to the net without having to BUY a router ? AD is JUST loaded and what do I do from here?
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    Win98 Boot Disk

    it looked too goofy and I could not find the ONE thing I needed. but ALAS.... With the marvelous HELP from another guru... I got EXACTLY what I needed like BLAM!!! Not saying that BootDisk.Com is bad... /and I might go back to it one day IF I can remember it.... But I have my eyes on...
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    Win98 Boot Disk

    Thanks guys..... Randy.. Once again you have came thru... BTW Randy.... Are there any BLACKZ in Ireland??? Maybe I can come there and open a SOUL FOOD eatery??? I cook the hell outta corned beef and cabbage..... LOL !!!:D
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    Win98 Boot Disk

    I need a Win98 Boot Disk..... and pls..... do not send me to BootDisk.Com.
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    Changing Format

    Thx for the Time & Effort.. Raider / Buck.... Yeah that little box izza muddah.. Once it iz selectedhere iz no going back unless you do a CLEAN INSTALL.... Thanks for the proggie. I am dl'ing it right now. Maybe using THIS will solve my delemna.... Cerious's Thumbs Plus was good, but...
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    Changing Format

    the pictures came from the web... I copied and saved as... and put them in a folder.... Now whenever I look at the pics. I have to use internet explorer. Whatever format that it iz in, I can not use Kodak to see or manipulate the pics... And I have that goofy checked box checked and...
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    Changing Format

    that did not work. And plus.... I want to CLEAR that checkbox...
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    Changing Format

    Here Goes... I go into a picture's properties and at CHANGE, I notice that the box to SELECT what application I want to open the file with is SELECTED and GRAYED OUT... How do I DE-SELECT the "allways use this to open these files"? And also, come to think about it. I downloaded some...
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    windows xp install problems

    DAAAMIT. I wish I was there. I HATE.. and I DO mean HATE.... when I can not fiz stuff... There has got to be a way and if I were to put my handz on yer rig, and could not fix, then yez, I would opt for rebuilding another rig, but would that ACTUALLY solve the problem??? So to save you the...
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    Win2K Pro & Cookiez

    YEEEEEEESSSS... It looked almost like that. But I swear it is in Win2K somewhere.... Just like that so I can select & block... HEY!!! Where can I download OutLook Express or the Msimn.exe. Mine does not work and I can't find that anywhere.