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    Gigabit to 100mbit question

    Ok. I'll probably hold off until I've got a faster server as I'm not sure my current server would be able to utilise the whole gig anyway. Thanks for your replies
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    Gigabit to 100mbit question

    Yes, I mean that the clients are transferring files to and from the server with the gigabit nic. So you think it's worth me spending my £25?
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    Changing to wireless

    You will need to buy a usb wireless adapter (one of these) unless you are using a laptop with an integrated wireless chip. However tiscali may supply you with a free USB adapter. You could also just use an ethernet cable if your pc and your router are in the same room. Wireless is only really an...
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    Gigabit to 100mbit question

    I currently have a network where a file server (with a gigabit capable nic) is connected to a 100mbit switch, to which the other computers (with 100mbit nics) which have access to the files on the server are connected. Am I correct in thinking that if I buy a gigabit switch to replace the...
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    Cancelling a domain with 1and1?

    Thanks. I know what I should able to do but from what I read on the internet 1and1 very rarely do what they should do when it comes to cancellations. I'll send an email to their customer service.
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    Cancelling a domain with 1and1?

    I signed up for a domain with at the end of 2006 (apparently a big mistake) and I have read on various sites that instead of the contract ending at the end of this year it will auto-renew. Here is a screenshot from the invoice page: My question is that if I click OK on the page...
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    VB Code in Access - Change a value in a table

    It's a login screen and when the user presses the command button the script runs: Private Sub cmdLogin_Click() Static intLogonAttempts As Integer intLogonAttempts = intLogonAttempts + 1 If IsNull(Me.cboUsername) Or Me.cboUsername = "" Then MsgBox "You must enter a User Name."...
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    VB Code in Access - Change a value in a table

    I've spent ages searching for the answer to this but i'm not getting anywhere. I have a visual basic script within an Access 2000 database and I want to get it to change a Yes/No record from No to Yes. Anyone know how to do it? Thanks mrbrownstone
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    Beryl makes white screen

    You didn't mention WUBI. I think that uses virtualisation (correct me if i'm wrong) and doesn't directly connect to your video hardware. If you installed ubuntu directly onto your hard disk then you may well be able to make beryl work, but I doubt you'll have much luck with WUBI.
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    Multi monitors and Windows Vista

    I don't know where you're from so I didn't know what site to use. However has many PCI-Express 1x cards which I believe are compatible with 4x slots (although i'm not completely sure) and a few PCI cards. This card should be vista compatible. However, when you say 'vista compatible'...
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    X-Fi Problem driving my nuts. Please help

    Have you tried right clicking on the device in 'device manager', clicking update driver and choosing the option which makes it search windows update for a new driver. It's worked for me in the past for onboard sound cards with bad drivers.
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    iPod Frequently pauses!

    I had this problem with my 4th generation ipod (greyscale) and it was caused by the hard disk being on it's way out. If it's under a year old I reccommend returning it to apple and getting it replaced.
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    Boot disk missing

    Many PC manufacturers are now not including windows install disks as standard and so the only way to reinstall the operating system is to either go out and buy a new copy of vista/xp or to try and get your manufacturer to supply you with one. However they are within their rights to charge you...
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    HDD Issues ..

    If you can't access it through Explorer, the chances are that the disk is dead. You can try and take it to a data recovery company to see if you can get your data back, but it will be expensive.
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    dual core celeron 1.73ghz versus single core pentium 4 2.4ghz

    I don't think there are any Celeron Processors which are dual core and so the Pentium 4 will definitely be faster. If you give me model numbers I might be of more help.