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    1. MRdNk
      Please post in the forums, as I use this site - infrequently.

      There are many programmers on this site, that can help.
    2. ExcelGuy

      I'm being stuck in Importing 23 datailes ( 3 sheets in each datafile and each datafile is in .xlsx format ) into one single "Import.xlsx" Excel file.These 23 datafiles are placed in a folder "Excel" on the desktop.As I want to import 69 Sheets from the 23 datafiles so I've created 69 Sheets in the file where I want my output/imported datafiles.What would be the code for this ?The name of the 23 datafiles are : " Data for State1.xlsx","Data for State2.xlsx"................,"Data for State23.xlsx".And the name of the datafile ( 69 sheets ) where I want to import these 23 datafiles is " Import.xlsx" and all these 24 datafiles are placed in one folder " Excel " on my desktop.

      Kindly guide.In case the datalies are required I could attach and send it.
    3. CarmelIN
      I was reviewing a thread from Mar 2008 where you were helping nysgirl with an excel spreadsheet that I'd like to use - its just what I need too. I saved the doc and began making some edits -would you be willing to help me with this? I'd really appreciate it.
    4. bairamsunil
      My name is bairam, Recently i have started working with VBA, Need some one to help me in the following:

      DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "dbo.tblimport", filetouse, False ' , "Batch!" & strRowStart & ":" & strCol & strRowEnd

      dbo.tblimport is the table name, "Batch!" & strRowStart & ":" & strCol & strRowEnd is my range to be copied

      I am not getting any error and the following code execute as usual, but no import is being done.

      The excel file which I am using has columns which are done by some formula, but in my range the heading are not being used.

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