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    Best Looking Auto?

    Be nice to drive on the weekends:cool:
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    Solved: Supersonic 605

    Sorry, I can be of no assistance with the dig tv, as I don`t even own one, all of my stuff is analog. Hang in there, may be someone with the answer you need will chime in. Good luck.
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    Solved: Supersonic 605

    I`ve never seen a vcr with the capabilities to convert digital to analog(not saying they don`t exist, I`ve just never seen one). I get my tv signal same as you, over the air, and have been for 5 years. All 3 of my tvs are analog, and all have a digital to analog converter, and all are hooked up...
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    Solved: clonezillard hdd won't boot

    Since you are using WD drives, why not use their Acronis True Image WD Edition Software instead of Clonezilla. It is freeware specific for WD drives, found here:
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    What Are You Listening to #13

    STP and Junior Brown, Sour Girl:
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    What Are You Listening to #13

    Junior Brown and the Beach Boys playing 409 in the studio, what a hoot:
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    Solved: Google keeps hijacking my home page

    Something to try for your Firefox problems:
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    HELP! windows 98 crashed with 30yrs of workfiles

    One of the cheapest usb ethernet adapters I could find, 98se compatible:
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    Solved: firefox wont uninstall

    Just something to try, may help may not:
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    Best Looking Auto?

    At first glance, it looks like a Dodge Viper with some stylized body panels(hood)/stylized detachable hard top, but that is purely a guess.
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    Solved: i686 versions?

    My suggestion, a lightweight non pae puppy linux distro.
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    SD Card Damaged!

    Look around on the internet for a free download of "H2testw"(without quotes), it will give you more info than you have now.
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    What Are You Listening to #13

    Tito Puente "Oye Como Va" at the Newport Jazz Festival 1993
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    What Are You Listening to #13

    Iron Butterfly "In a godda da vida" original 1968 full version
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    In Memoriam

    Bassist Jack Bruce passed on Oct 25, 2014. What a loss to music, the guy could just flat out play.