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    Trouble installing an HDD as a storage drive

    Enable Hot Plug in BIOS setup for the sata interface. Boot off the NVMe SSD into Windows with the HDD sata data connector disconnected. Connect the sata data cable to the HDD. Run Windows Diskpart and use its Clean command to "reset" the HDD to factory condition. The Clean command is...
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    Trouble installing an HDD as a storage drive

    When you see the BIOS Startup Screen, tap on F12 to get the BOOT MENU. Select the NVMe SSD to boot from.
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    Pc Boot Issue

    I said with the 24-pin power connector plugged into the motherboard, so there is load on the power supply. I've seen a power supply where 5VSB measures +5 volts unloaded, but when the connector is plugged into the motherboard, it drops down to +3 volts. The purpose of this exercise is to...
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    Pc Boot Issue

    If the computer were sitting in front of me, I would do the following: 1. Use a voltmeter to measure 5VSB with the power supply 24-pin connector plugged into the motherboard. It should be +5 volts. 2. Measure the voltage at PW+ at the motherboard front panel header. It should go from greater...
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    Need Help Connecting Second Monitor

    If your computer has a USB3 interface this should work: USB to VGA Adapter, 1080P Multi-Display Video Converter for Laptop Desktop PC to Monitor...
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    All new motherboards support UEFI and legacy MBR booting.
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    Help needed

    You need to use a clone program that can expand the partitions to fill the 1TB drive. Acronis True Image (not free) can do it. I'm not positive but I think Macrium Reflect (the free version) can also do it.
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    PC won’t turn on after power outage

    The purple wire (+5VSB) should be +5 volts. If the voltage is lower, the motherboard power control circuitry won't work right.