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    Image computer that is is in Audit mode?

    Hi guys I was wondering if its OK to image a computer that is in audit mode and sysprep it once its loaded onto the target machine? As opposed to syspreping an audited Os, and taking the image after sysprep shut-down. I couldn’t find and threads on this method, maybe for good reason...
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    Does it request that you choose where to download a file? The window will pop up "save OR run" What do you choose, You can also set where your downloads go, by default i think its "my documents" i could be wrong as it has been years since i have used ie. You should check these places...
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    Windows 8: Problems with keyboard, explorer, and store

    Windows 8 Seems to suck at the moment, it will take time to work out the kinks i suppose.... Like vista, it still is terrible but they fixed some stuff after time.
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    yup! Look at your start up stuff, and you can disable all the stuff you don't need, be careful though, if you are unsure leave it alone. Only uninstall / disable stuff you know about hp wizlink looks to be connected to Ebay somehow....
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    What browser?
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    Solved: Why will no @ will appear?

    No problem, glad you got it working, You can mark your post "solved" as it helps others. Peace. Neb
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    Solved: Why will no @ will appear?

    What OS are you on? Your language settings must be astray.... Have a look in your control panel for your keyboard settings. I'm in Ireland and to make mine work i have to set my language region to United Kingdom (English) Peace.
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    Wow....... And so it begins.........:(
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    Graphics card fried?

    Doesnt look good. Try update your drivers, but i had a gtx 260 that was like that out the box.... I have a 560 now and i gotsomething simillar with some beta drivers....
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    i say hi

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    Rebuilding PC software as if new

    Not sure about the specific way you described, but DEEP FREEZE Is worth reading about, its simillar. Only you would have to have a certain place for the user to store their porsonal files, or what not..... Then when he or she leaves, you can just wipe the space they used to store their stuff...
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    Errors while unzipping

    You said you had a large ammount of files? What kind of files are in the ZiP? Have you tried Win-RaR? Or 7-Zip?
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    Errors while unzipping

    Well, what do the errors tell you?
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    Figuring out what is causing computer to crash

    Can you boot in safe mode?
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    Transfer music from iTunes to Galaxy S2?

    Double twist is still the winner here, it will scan your Itunes folder and if you want it to, scan your win media folder. As soon as i used it for the 1st time i uninstalled Itunes, Itunes-Ipod/phone Android/Doubletwist (IMO based on the fact that there are no other programs out there with a...