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    Email to WhatsApp

    I would like to share some emails to people in a what group from my IPad When I click on share a number of options come up but no WhatsApp tho’ I do have WhatsApp on my I Pad. Hope you are all keeping safe Nita
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    Removing programs

    I installed team Viewer on my PC (windows7) so that my grandson could help me with something in these days of social isolation. Now I would like to:remove it but when I click on to programs in Control Panel it is nowhere to be seen. How can I remove it? Hope you are all keeping safe and well..I...
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    end of windows 7 support

    I just got a screen shot advising me of end of support for Windows 7. I used to rely on microsoft security essentials but have now added the free AVG.Can I go on using windows 7 with reasonable safety or must I upgrade to Windows 10. Neetie
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    Solved Problems sending emails from iphone

    Hi grandson solved the problem by deleting and reinstalling yahoomail app
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    Solved Problems sending emails from iphone

    I have an iPhone. Something between 5 and 6 it has been working well but suddenly I find that when I try to send an email from it using yahoo mail it doesn’t work even though I have 4 G and a good Wi-fi signal.. I just found a stack of unsent emails in the outbox. when I sent them it said...
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    Solved Printing Yahoo emails

    Thank you so much...stupid of me not to have noticed the print icon until you pointed it out still as you say the stupid questions are the easiest to answer. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and new year Neetie
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    Solved Printing Yahoo emails

    How can I print my Yahoo emails from my windows 7 PC withouot getting all the surrounding stuff.I used to be able to do this but have forgotten hoe. Neetie
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    changing keyboard

    My iphone has a French keyboard. I tried to change it to Qwerty..I went to keyboard in settings and ticked querty but it hasn't changed . I have tried turning the phone off and then on again bbut no change.Any ideas anyone?
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    missing sound

    Thankyou Terrynet The problem is that I can’t do that on the iPad and on the PC the photo is in the email and not as a separate file so I can’t really drag it anywhere. I need to find a way to save it say on the desktop and then I could upload it
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    missing sound

    After all that , I found that the driver had in fact been downloaded on to my PC and was able to install it and we now have sound. Thank you so much I am so grateful and this is one old lady who doesn't need to bother her grandchildren.However if someone can tell me how to upload a photo...for...
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    missing sound

    I have taken photos on my ipad and have emailed them to myself but don't know how to upload them here.can you help me with this.I have looked on Devices but can't see any mention of sound.Incidentally when I disconnected the speakers to take the photo I discovered yet another cable with audio...
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    missing sound

    They are Logitek I don't know the model number I have had them for quite a while they are joined by a cable, one of them has the power cable and the other the cable that goes into the PC. It also has the on/off switch which is on max at present and also shows a red light
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    missing sound

    I have a Dell Optoplex 980 PC running on windows 7. I recently had to take it somewhere for repairs . I now have it back in working order except there is no sound. I have logitek speakers ,one of them has a cable with 2 green ends, one of which is plugged in to the green socket at the back of...
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    Pc not switching on

    I have a Dell Optiplex PC which suddenly I can’t switch on.Normally, the monitor switches on when I switch the pc on ,the numbers 1234 light up on the pc. they flash up in varying sequences for a while then the Pc comes on.What is happening now is that only the numbers 13&4 come on..the monitor...
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    end of Windows 7

    I have windows 7 professional,I acquired the pc with it onfrom my son in law when XP support finishedand he happened to be upgrading. I am not all that computer savvy but perhaps with your help I might be able to install the upgrade to 10. That is if you have the patience to tell me what to do...