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    How do I move my favourites from my PC(Windows XP) to my laptop(Windows 8). I cannot find the favourite file on my PC to load it on to a memory stick and transfer that way.
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    Problems downloading documents

    Not sure if this is where I should be. Today I went to TD Canada Trust site and logged in. Clicked on Documents to view my pending Visa Accounts and Line od Credit to see how much I owe and when I have to pay. Clicked on document icon but would not open and page appeared with heading at top with...
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    Solved: Easy Transfer

    I can get to desk top and click on file explorer and find the document I want but do not see how you click and drag to thumb drive. Newsey
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    Solved: Easy Transfer

    I am trying to figure out how or if I can download a document from my laptop (Windows 8) to a USB memory stick so I can moved it to my PC(Windows XP) and then print it as my printer is hooked to my PC. Also can I move files from my PC using a memory stick to my laptop without using the Easy...
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    Solved: Wireless Mouse

    I bought a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 6000. Ran the software Disk and about 90% completed and download froze up, Managed to get computer back and tried to install again two times more and get following message "Setup could not install a required component Microsoft Application Error Reporting...
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    My yahoo mail has shown up in Windows 8 but not my contacts. When I go to send a message the contact does not automatically fill in and there is no place on the mail in Windows 8 I can see any contacts. How do I get them?
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    Solved: Easy Transfer

    I used easy transfer to try and move some files from my old computer with XP to a new HP laptop with Windows 8. I did not see or missed the report showing the files that would be moved and which ones I wanted to move and because of this transferred a lot more files then I wanted. Can i reverse...