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    Power button hardware issue HTC Desire 816

    So the issue is that the phone is in a boot it basically goes to the HTC screen and then shuts down and then restarts and goes to the HTC screen etc. I'm not sure how to get out of it esp since the power button isnt going to work They said that they didn't know where to get...
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    bootloop problem

    So, my power button on my HTC phone is not working and my phone keeps going to the white screen that says "htc" and then turns off and then turns back on etc. How can I get it to load all the way through?? I have no idea how to even approach this problem. please help!
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    Power button hardware issue HTC Desire 816

    I'm new to this site and I am not super knowledgeable about technology so hopefully this question makes sense. I dropped my HTC Desire 816 in a sink with very little water in it. I turned in my phone to a repair shop and they were able to clean out my phone and the only problem with my phone...