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    Fast, Connection, Fast computer, Slow net!

    Mods, I dunno how to lock this thread or delete it but do what thou wilt.
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    Fast, Connection, Fast computer, Slow net!

    It seems to have fixxed itself?
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    Ive got ''LowZone.E" trojan

    took a while but here are the results: TDS 3>>> Scan Control Dumped @ 19:21:25 24-11-04 NTFS Alternate Data Stream: ADS Hidden Stream Detected: 65536 bytes File: c:\program files\avid\avid xpress dv\avid projects\robert paulson\new project\new project bin.avb:binstate_rsrc NTFS...
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    Fast, Connection, Fast computer, Slow net!

    Greetings, Ive got a problem with my internet connection over a small network, Ive got ntl cable broad band, which runs into a Draytech vigor broadband security router, hub thing. There is one other computer on the network which when on the net, flies, however the other machine is painfully...
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    Ive got ''LowZone.E" trojan

    had this for a while, starting to really bug me. Message keeps coming up telling me to use AVG to get rid of it, but AVG cant seem to decect it when i run a scan. :confused:
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    Black Warning Screen

    I have a problem that sounds similar to what is described here but I cant sort it using the above advice as i cant find the files mentioned in the system 32 folder by crushbone - could someone take a look at my thread please? or advise on my next course of action!
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    Something has taken over my desktop!

    Ive gone through the help posted here, on what sound like the same problems but that hasnt worked either. so I ran hijack this - heres my log, can someone please take a look at this? Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2 Scan saved at 13:35:04, on 05/11/2004 Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT...
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    Something has taken over my desktop!

    This black monster keeps poping up everytime I boot up. Ive tried avg and spy subtract to no avail, I think it may have something to do with cool web search as they appeared at the same time. Anyone know how to kill this? Ive added an attachment of the offending thing.
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    Ie. Problem - Connection name

    I was on the phone to my telecommunictions company, configuring my internet explorer options,or my isp options. Well anyway in Internet connection wizard, I get to step 3 of 3 - connection name, and Im stuck.It wont accept any kind of name, It just keeps flashing up the message, ''this is...
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    Free music generating software

    Im looking free software, that allows me to use my computer keyboard like a piano/keyboard. I used to have a little piece of software that came free with an old sound card I had which allowed me to do this. The results werent very good but the effect I want is an elevator music style sound, any...
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    Hmmm I didnt get this problem, although the codecs did mess up my ability to run mp3 files in after effects, but this wasnt a major problem as i usually use wav. files in afx anyway,
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    lens flare plugins

    Im looking for free lens flare plugins for lightwave and/or after effects 5.5, and I mean free to download plugins, not cracked versions of commercial plugins. Anyone know of any?
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    Who was the Greatest person in History?

    Im hardly going to let it pass that, you refered to one of my hero's as a flake twice, Paq. The man I spoke of lived every minute of his life to the full, left a legacy which has only entertained people not gotten them killed, and is loved and sorely missed by millions. You neither know...
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    Solved: Republicans are Prettier

    You too moony. gbye
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    Solved: Republicans are Prettier

    I hear that british columbia is the place to go for some amazing country..have you ever been?