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    1. Garth H
      Garth H
      OBP I have sent you a Gmail message. Please can you assist asap. Thanks
    2. BoaterJohn
      Thanks for response OBP
      the error was a form field error
    3. OBP
      I have replied to your Forum question.
    4. roshni007
    5. SlowHnds
      Sorry to be a pain but rather than post in the forum on a thread that is marked solved or start a new thread I thought I'd ask directly.

      An issue has popped up with the 30 working day fix you had helped me with
      Access 2010 Set a date field to today plus 30 working days

      For whatever reason when I exit the field and the macro runs after update event. I get the error message
      "No current Record" it sets the return by date correctly (at least I think it's correct)

      I hope you can help me with this. It has just started happening apparently and no one is too excited as it appears that it is still giving the right return date.

      You can email me direct at [email protected]
    6. BoaterJohn
      just wanted to wish you a healthy bd.
    7. Garth H
      Garth H
      Hi OBP,

      Left you a message on gmail.

      Thanks Garth H
    8. BoaterJohn
      Hi OBP,
      I was away for awhile fishing. Thanks for responding to my thread. The two queries were the key. I had to make the join a 1 to many. worked like a charm
      Thanks Much,
    9. Garth H
      Garth H
      Hi OBP. Greetings from the south. Do you still have your Gmail address? Garth H
    10. vinwin06
      HI OBP,
      how are you? i think you could remember me we work together last year for one thread called "MS access query". I have attached the file too with this message. Now i am facing a big problem in the database while running that macro its generating more space and database size became more than 2 gb. As you already know 2 gb is the maximum size of the database.

      Kindly let me know if there i can do with this macro or u can help me on this. I know the problem would be like the data volume is huge (approx 4 million).


      Vinoth S
    11. OBP
      If the dates for the query come from a form, then use
      =forms!! etc.
      If they are not I suggest that you put them on a form.
    12. ade7985
      Hi OBP,
      Help again pls.
      I was trying to figure out how to setup Date range in report header.
      I got to setup query date range but on my report I setup text box on controlsource I put this: =Format(,"mm/dd/yy") & " through " & Format(,"mm/dd/yy"). then after I tested by entering date and is not showing on report header its says' #Name? on text box. I need your assistance. Thanking you in advance.
    13. Cambium
      Just wanted to leave a message saying that OBP is superman. Thank you for your help and making my idea happen with my data on excel. This member is amazing, what goes around comes around in one way or another. :-) Thank You.
    14. TheSteelGeneral
      thank you for the example database! I'm late, but you know what they say, better to copulate than never.
    15. OBP
      I have looked at the Relationships and they are Ok for now.
      I will post what you want shortly.
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    I do not give up easily :)
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