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Jun 11, 2016
Jan 17, 2003
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Old Rich

77, from Houston, Texas

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Jun 11, 2016
    1. Deejay100six
      Happy Birthday Rich, hope you're having a good un. :)
    2. antech
    3. ruru9233
      turbo tax 2008
    4. AriaOne
      Hello sir,how are you?nearly a year ago I get a super prompt answer on this site on my problem.and it was you...I do mot have a really life important problem now,but I would be glad for any help..are you into video converting?
    5. Old Rich
      Old Rich
      I suggest you post on the forum . . you will get much better help there. We are discouraged from helpins via the Private Messages
    6. screwcharter
      Unlike the kid trying to remove charters garbage programs, I am an adult who unfortunately downloaded charters security suite. It is causing my computer to freeze up and I now have Comcast due to the fact that I am fed up with charter,s BS. I am unable to remove their program so I can install Mcaffee due to the fact that it is still running. How do I shut them down so I may finally be freed of their terrible service and garbage programs? Comcast asked if I called charter about it and I told them I refuse to deal with them ever again. If You can help me out, that would be great, thanks.
    7. Tech3475
      Hope you can help!
    8. dovehost1
      howdoi replace laptop keyboard toshiba A105
    9. melnol
      I've benfited from the fix proposed by simpswr. Great! Just wondering how us mere mortals are supposed to work out these fixes without this quality of knowledge and support. The missing Microsoft's message when Updates won't install is still running true to form ......useless information. Thanks a million simpswr
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