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May 14, 2012
Mar 28, 2008
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May 14, 2012
    1. lemings
      hi there, im a new member, i posted a message but no one had answered, that's why im writing u, i need help:

      im running avast, and it display a malware virus : win32:rootkit-gen

      here is hijackthis report an malwarebytes report, and i'd also done
      (chek an uncheck system restore) but the malware still appears, maybe
      i have done it wrong, here is the reports, help me please :

      when i'd like to post it displays only 1000 characters, how van i do to
      show u the reports

      avast when dispalying the malware detect, it gives me the path of
      location for the malware : c:\windows\system32\ieqiiwz.pvz

      really need help, thank u
    2. foleen
      Hello Mr. Old Timer,

      How are you? You see, I'm helpless in computers :( I read one of your forum answers for Jen327 last May 14,2008 online. I'm trying to figure out how to solve my problem, just similar prob like Jen327. I followed your instructions you've written in there but how come for me it doesn't work. :'( Hope you can help me or get back to me if you have free time. Thanks.

      Ms. Cath
    3. FennelSeed
      Will you please email me that Po Box number for my donation ? > I lost that address
    4. stewietunny
      Updated thread with an accidental mistake - i could get on! the file is on the new reoply
    5. Andre_Polese
      Hi OldTimer, I may need to talk to you and since you are online, I'd like to know if you are available, i may have had some serious problems with those stuff you told me to do, hope you see this, thx!
    6. cornedbeef666

      Sorry if I'm in the wrong place for this question, but you helped "likeatiger", last month with getting rid of "Adzgalore". I'm running a very similar system setup, ie. XP, and Norton, I followed the steps up to saving notepad file. Which he then has posted this to you. Just wondering if you could do the same for me, or tell me the place to ask.

      Kind regards,

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