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    Should I Shorten Links?

    you can shorten external URLs in whatever way you want. Just stay consistent with that and use the same tool for everything. And for sure WP plugin looks best for that. Easy to use, track, and work with.
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    How do i add meta tags?

    Your meta tags should be a part of a template for PHP based websites. just remember to add propper tags in <head> section and include proper DB requests to make things work.
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    Website Low Google Pagespeed Insights Scores

    The New PageSpeed report (WebVitals) contains much more info than before. First of all you should check what is your biggest problem there and then consider how to solve them. But still, in most cases you will have few main streams to work with: - Your hosting provider - sometimes hosting just...
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    Choosing right hosting solution

    Yep, sure.
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    Choosing right hosting solution

    Heh. Not sure if anyone even saw this thread but I did some research during the last days and just need to share results. Maybe someone will find this useful) Long story short - I moved to NameCheap. during the last days checked few top providers. Hostinger, OVH, LiquidWeb, and many more...
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    Choosing right hosting solution

    Hey everyone! I am currently considering moving my website from GoDaddy shared hosting and decided to ask if you could help me with a few questions I have. First of all - it seems that my shared plan does not work well. For the last 6 months, I see a constant decrease in site loading speed...
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    New Xiaomi Laptops introduced

    that's interesting) It is really popular here because of the price with top hardware and cool design.
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    New Xiaomi Laptops introduced

    totally forgot to include the link to the news with specs.
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    New Xiaomi Laptops introduced

    Hello Guys! I am from Eastern Europe Originally and when I saw the last news I got wondered - people in the USA use their laptop? How much do they cost in the US?
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    Website redirects

    First gues would be a browser issue. Did you try to do the same prom your smartphone, another PC or another browser?