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    Can you print from just one i9100 ink tank?

    Greetings.... This question may be better suited for another forum... not sure. I'd like to know if there is a way to just print from one Canon i9100 ink tank (associated nozzles) at one time. I assume from say "Paint" one could print just black and probably yellow? but what about the rest...
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    Best gaming connection between PC's?

    Greetings. I've looked at some of the previous posts and I either didn't see the answer or just didn't understand what I was reading. I really don't know that much about computers so please bear with me if I'm not using the correct terms. I'm wanting to find out what connection between...
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    Is Creative Labs CT4700 almost like the CT5800?

    I've had some great help at this forum in the past. If anyone sees fit to help me again I'd like to say thank you in advance. I'm wondering if the Creative Labs Ensoniq AudioPCI (CT5807) is almost the same thing as the Sound Blaster PC128 (CT4700) but without the joystick connection?
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    Is on-board sound better than CR PCI 128?

    I was a bit surprised to get help so quickly. Thank you. Actually I was wondering about two separate boards. Board one: MSI 850 Pro5 motherboard. (Since I don't know anything about chipsets I've give what's listed in the manual.) Intel 82850 MCH(615 OLGA) and also a Intel 82801BA...
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    Is on-board sound better than CR PCI 128?

    Greetings all kind souls out there. I started to look on my own but finally decided it would take forever and I still might not figure it out so... I'm asking for help from anyone out there who might take a fancy to give some good advice. I've had some great advice from this forum in the...
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    "NOS"? MBoard doesn't want to recogize CD-ROM'S

    Thanks for looking at this. The jumpers on the drives are set correctly... I just looked again. The secondary is enabled in the BIOS. But... I don't have a clue about what I'd have to do to reinstall the IDE and Chipset drivers (if that was the term)
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    "NOS"? MBoard doesn't want to recogize CD-ROM'S

    I now see that the CD-R and CD-RW both show up in the BIOS and that the secondary IDE controller isn't in the Device Manager... How do I get the controller in? Hmmmmm. But everything worked fine in another computer... same HDD and same CD-R and CD-RW... same cables too Is the...
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    "NOS"? MBoard doesn't want to recogize CD-ROM'S

    Things had been moving right along with Möbiús and Pyritechips helping me with some partitioning questions last night but now I've run into another brick wall. Darn it anyway. During the boot period the screen supposedly indicates to me at least that the CD-R and CD-RW, that work just fine in...
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    New Seagate 80gig... but fdisk only shows 10gig?

    Right on you guys. Thank you so much for your help. Your advice helped me format two different drives but now I've run into another wall. I suppose I should try posting another question. (During the boot period the new board (supposedly) indicates to me at least that the CD-R and CD-RW...
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    New Seagate 80gig... but fdisk only shows 10gig?

    I get two used but "working" motherboards this month from e-bay sellers - one board bouncing around in the original box and not ia static shielding bag or in any bag for that matter and the other was in bubble wrap but with packing peanuts on the board when I unwrapped it ... I guess I'm...
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    FUJITSU junk drive? Or can it really be formatted?

    Maybe this is my first really bad E-bay item? Or maybe there is still some hope yet? I think I did the fdisk partition thing correctly (always a chance I didn't I suppose) but when I try to format this FUJITSU drive I just continue to get the message something like "Trying to recover...
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    Do I take a ATI Radeon 9600SE card back?

    Season greetings... Let me preface by saying that I'm fairly computer ignorant so I don't understand most of those things I'm just read at a forum under another thread talking about the 9600SE vs. the 9200. I'm out Christmas present hunting yesterday (not my favorite activity in the first place)...
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    four second beeps / no POST / no display

    No luck. Same 4 second beeps with only CPU, memory, and video card. Bad sign huh?
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    four second beeps / no POST / no display

    Oh, my... Did I finally get burned with my latest E-bay item? Got a "slightly" used MSI board (850 Pro5) with a P4 but when I power it up I hear four second long continuous beeps with no display. This happens with or without any memory. Have I gotten some bad parts or is there something...
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    Did I really receive Infineon memory?

    And I may be learning the hard way about buying memory. Rats.