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    Unwanted Toolbar

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I was running SpySweeper this morning and than the next time I opened up my browser i noticed i had a new UNWANTED browser, not sure what it is or more importantly how to get rid of it. It has a red "x" Remove Toolbar, but that just takes you to the web...
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    Got Win98 and lately when I try to compose an email in yahoo mail, I can't change the font face or the font size or insert the smileys. I can still change the font color. When i try to change the font size or color the box comes up but it looks like it has the IE e in it with the word "search"...
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    Viewing Folders

    Wondering if can help me out with an annoying problem. When I open My Documents, or any folder I set it to view as a web page and arrange icons by type, but when I close out of it and open it up again the settings have changed and the icons are all scrambled and it is not viewed as a web page...
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    No Sound

    Wondering if someone can help me out. I am running windows 98, When I attempt to play a CD, I have no sound. I checked all the volume control properties and nothing is muted. When I raise the slider in the volume control on the taskbar I hear nothing. Have Windows Media Player installed, believe...
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    Networking Problems

    Rockn, Thanks for the quick reply! now could you help me out with what the heck is the net BEUI protocl?? Thanks
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    Networking Problems

    I am trying to set up a simple (or so I thought) home network. I want to share files and printer between my Desktop Pc and my Laptop. The Desktop is running Windows 98, the Laptop Windows 98SE. I tried following the instructions on some of the links on this site but still no luck. This is...
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    Windows Media Player 9.0

    Hope someone can help me out again. I have a compaq Presario notebook with windows 98SE installed on it. I downloaded Windows Media Player 9.0 about a month ago and everything was working fine. I tried playing a DVD movie the other night on my computer and it would'nt work all I got on the...
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    Well with all the outstanding advice I've gotten, I've decided the best thing to do would be to add more memory and upgrade to Windows 98 SE. I've got Windows 98SE installed on my laptop, so can I just use that recovery disc to insatll 98SE on my desktop? As a clean install? Also as far as...
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    Hey everyone thanks for your advice! Computer info is O.S. Windows 98 4.10.1998 Processor: 300 Megahertz Intel Pentium II Drives: 8.02 GB RAM: 64 Megabytes Installed So looks like maybe I should just look at upgrading to windows SE?
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    Was wondering it someone with more knowledge of computers could get pointed in the right direction. I have Windows 98 installed on my PC, when we bought it it came with Windows 98 but we DID NOT get the recovery disc. I have ordered one from HP. What I am wondering is this: Can I UNISTALL...
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    wireless networking

    Ok Yes both computers are in the same workgroup. There is a check in the box on the Netbios on both machines, although the text is there but not really readable. I do have folders in each that are shared and can open them up on there machine. I have rebooted computers but not router, will...
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    wireless networking

    Yes, both computers are in a workgroup
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    wireless networking

    Yes, File and Printer sharing is loaded seems like the problem is in mapping network drive
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    wireless networking

    I am trying to network my Desktop Pc and my laptop, using D-Link router and wireless card in the laoptop. The PC has windows 98 and the laptop has windows 98SE. Seems like I'm almost got it but when I look in network neighborhood it can't seem to find the other computer, get a message saying...