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    No Internet on business computer

    Hi JohnWill, I will be back on site today and I will try that Thanks
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    No Internet on business computer

    Hi John. Normally, placing an XP harddrive into a different box doesn't work, for licencing reasons and because of a mismatch between drivers/hardware. However, in this case I am installing the drive into an identical box. I have done this to four other computers on this site, (five Dell...
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    No Internet on business computer

    Hi Guys, I have recently taken over a network with about 100 computers and several servers. A motherboard went down on one PC so I put the HDD into a spare desktop and that worked fine. The user can connect to the file servers/ AD/ security servers no problem. But she has almost no internet...
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    Merging two subnets Public and Private talk together

    Have you set up your static routes on both sides of the network, each side routing to the other?
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    Cannot connect via ethernet,

    Is the Laptop IP address configured for static or DHCP? Is the router using DHCP, (does it give out an IP address automatically) Run a command prompt and type ipconfig /all. Do the same for the XP PC. Make sure that the gateway address and the DNS servers are the same on both. You...
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    Solved: Unusual Network path

    It's sorted, thanks guys! The problem was that I was logging on remotely. I was using MSTSC to log on to one of the servers and then using that server to log on to the server I actually wanted. I went onsite and there was no problem seeing the shared folder, but remotely I couldn't...
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    vista sees SSID but won't connect WPA-PSK

    I have had this same problem in Vista on several machines and never really got to the bottom of it. I had tried everything that Johnwill suggested and it helped on one or two mahcines. Updating the BIOS helped on another machine. In the end we changed the AP on two sites and upgraded two...
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    Solved: Unusual Network path

    Hi Guys! I have just taken over a new network with quite a few servers, including application, mail, database, file, storage and security servers. I cannot understand some of the network paths/ mapped drives. As an example: \\mainserver\server\adminfolder\ Now there IS a server called...
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    Unusual Word AND Excel problem

    I did fix my original Word/exel problem by first deleting the user accounts on both the sever and local machine. I then recreated the accounts and copied the files accross from the old profile. I've had no problems since then. I then changed the DNS and DHCP servers from the gateway to the...
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    Missing Contacts in Outlook

    I have lost 90% of contacts from a .pst file after a PC rebuild. I used scan PST to check for problems. It did find problems that it corrected, but still no contacts. ANy suggestions?
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    Help! Administrator locked out

    Your migration tool looks fantastic, well done. It's a utility that's long overdue As for migtrating the user profiles:I have tried copying and not copying NTuser.dat (Microsoft specifically state not to copy this file when transferring profiles, although I always did, logging on as...
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    Help! Administrator locked out

    Thanks for the reply Winter, It's seems to be a long way around just to rebuild the trust. I have to disconnect each compurer from the domain, then re-attach them, then copy their old user profiles and then import their old .pst's. I have done this on a few computers already, but it is very...
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    D-Link Wireless Connection

    Bob, I know you're good at this, did you have a look at my administrator lockout problem? It's none of the obvious solutions and it has me stumped . Lockout duration is set to five minutes only
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    D-Link Wireless Connection

    Hi Bob, I presume what he means is that he turns it off and then switches it back on again when he needs to use it
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    Dual WAN router drops connection to ISP

    Have you uploaded the latest firmware? Is the router overheating. Are you exceeding the bandwidth capability? When you log on to the router can you see the Wan IP address and DNS server IP's? Is there anything in the logs? Can you ping a website by IP address?