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    rundll crashes when ctrl alt delete

    Kindly try this one. 1. Click Start ->Run. 2. Type in the OPEN textbox msconfig, then click OK. 3. In System Configuration Utility, click "STARTUP" tab. 4. Uncheck most of them but leave a check on the following: Scan Registry System Tray Task Monitor Load Power Profile(2 of these)...
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    I think its good that both of you have different ways of attacking a problem at least we people know that nothing that a computer is not something that should ruin some days of our lives since we know we've you to count on and you don't think the same way so if one doesn't work then a lot can be...
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    I'm sorry I didn't know they charge you there for just that. I don't pay for tech support from where I am. When I have to edit my registry I really consult them.
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    windows media player

    To open avi files on "Windows Media Player", you have to Open "Windows media player" then click "tools" on taskbar then "options" then click "file type" tab. Put a checkmark on Video since avi files are video files. Note: If a selected check box is dimmed, Windows Media Player has only...
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    Open MS-DOS prompt window and try to access that cd-rom there by typing "cd X"(X is the letter of your cd drive). If you cannot access it in DOS then type "exit" to go back to desktop. Some values in the registry needs to deleted but it is not nice to do something with it so try to load a good...
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    How Do You Repair a CRC Error?

    Since HDD passed test, assuming that the test is 100% reliable then problem could most likely be one of your other ide drives such as dvd, cdrw, cdrom, tape/zip drives, etc. Try to look for firmware updates for your ide devices.
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    display settings

    Change your "screen resolution" to "1024 by 768" and "color quality" to the highest value. Restart computer. Upon restart, if icons are still the same. You need to reinstall video drivers. If reinstalling video drivers will not work, reseat the video card if it is not integrated to the...
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    Problem after reformat ME

    Try to download wmpdxm.dll from "" and save it to C:\Windows\System.