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    :confused: Hi, glad to be back after so long away. I am using XP Pro, with Microsoft Outlook as my main email server. When I click on a link in an email, my pc opens a window asking for me to select a web browser. My laptop, using the same operating system, was perfect. Helpppppppppp.
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    Probs with XP Plus

    Have solved the problem of XP Plus not recognising the graphics card by reinstalling the software. All systems go. Thanks everyone:up:
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    XP Plus

    Many thanks, i will try that and let you know how i go........:up:
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    XP Plus

    OK, as i am very new to all this, lol, how do i check my bios settings................ please be patient with me......:confused:
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    XP Plus

    Thank you for your interest my friend, the newcard is a geforce4, MX series, npact 4408x 64MB/TV+DVI. Yes, i have checked the installation of both cards. Used supplied CD ROM to install driver for new card. Again, thank you.... :confused:
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    msn messenger

    how do i disable automatic sign in when messenger opens ???, been into setup, but cant find anything:confused:
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    XP Plus

    When trying to use new screen savers from XP Plus, i am told by pc that video card does not have enough memory, needing 16 plus. Purchased new card, 64 meg, installed, same message must have 16 meg plus....... help please