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    Well thank you indeed for your welcome, work getting in the way as always.
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    Aww...wheres the love yall!! hehehe
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    7 year old given synthetic heroin instead of ritalin by Walgreens

    OMG..can you imagine the horror the parnet must experience...dear lord, prayers for the child please
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    You are a nurse and Thank you for that....
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    New harddrive and not working...

    if Belarc advisor sees the drive, when you boot up, read what is being assigned, the first will be your ten gig, then you should see the remainder of your devices e.g. CDROM, Additional hard drive. If you see these at boot up then the drive is there and needs to be formatted, do so from...
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    New harddrive and not working...

    what version of windows are you using?? Does disk administrator see the drive, it has not been partitioned and is unusable until its formatted NTFS or FAT First remove the drives and look at the jumpers, diagrams are almost always on the drive themselves, you want in the final analysis...
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    Ghost restore from CD

    Ghost is used in the IT world every day to clone Disks and servers, I finished exchange today using ghost 03. The extension on a ghost file is .gho, it is by definition an IMAGE file, read along as ghost is imaging to verify. Is this a spanned set, if so you should have two extension GHS...
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    Norton Antivirus in XP

    I agree with Kiwi, I have tried the product on XP and have never successfully gotten it to work, I also tried System works, earlier versions with no luck. You need a different version
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    Help i got a question

    boot to dos with a win 98 boot disk Do a change directory to c:\windows type: del c:\*.pwl-then pres enter type: del c:\*.sam This deletes all saved passwords on the system and the database that windows stores passwords in..the password in theory would be blank on the administrator...
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    cant boot up due to error

    Disk I/O error is the input output system, it is a physical disk that has a physical problem, possibly. Look in the bios at your drives, this represents the first time your hardware begins to scan and recognize what is in the system. It stands to reason here is where to start, if the BIOS...
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    [SOLVED BY DEFAULT!] reinstalling win98

    They will only fit in one or the other any attempt to force the wrong card in will be unsuccessful. Gotta run, Good luck, just go slow and test each combination, rmember what you did and plod forward.
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    [SOLVED] New kind of Blue Screen!!!!!!

    format c: no need for the system switch
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    [SOLVED] New kind of Blue Screen!!!!!!

    ntldr is on the root of your boot partition... if you are able to get in to safe mode, do not reformat and whack that system, the problem can be solved alt+F4 to close active windows Can you boot into safe mode??
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    [SOLVED BY DEFAULT!] reinstalling win98

    I can quickly identify them, the only problem is the naming convention, I sometimes mix the two up, PCI and ISA, then add the newer boards with AGP and minus the ISA and you find yourself in PC He double hockey sticks...hehehe