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    SSD Testing software

    thanks guys
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    SSD Testing software

    Cany anybody suggest a good ssd tester for various drives (Pref free) Kingston Phison Transcend etc or are you better using brand specific testers would just like to know if my ssds are working properly without errors etc
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    Extended desktop on laptop win10 to chromecast

    does anybody know how to do this? i have read many and none seem to work. i can get a mirrored screen ok, but not extended please help
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    Logmein automatic password entry

    such as???
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    Logmein automatic password entry

    i have about 30 workstations on logmein. is there anyway my computer can enter the password without typing it in? copy paste is also painful any ideas ps the password is the same on all workstations
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    Connecting Epson TM-M30 to wifi

    Hi all, I have an Epson TM-M30 receipt printer that has a wifi dongle attached to the usb port i can connect in via wifi but the epson net config utility doesnt allow me to actually add the printer to an existing wifi. Has anybody got any experience in accomplishing this? I can change the ip...
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    No internet

    Just download the network drivers onto a usb stick from an online computer
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    laptop recommendations for high schooler needed

    i3 4gb ram, problem solved
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    The Worst Computer

    Are you sure you never bought a non guaranteed refurb?
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    Gpu Fail??

    Re-seat card update drivers if possible try card on another pc, try another card on your pc is it a clean windows install? win 10?
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    Ugee 1910B Pen not working

    Test it on windows pc to see if its working properly
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    My HDMI is broken how do i bypass it

    usb3 to hdmi adapter...
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    Solved External Hard Drive music distortion

    good stuff
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    Solved External Hard Drive music distortion

    what player are you using?, test the music on another machine?
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    Don’t know what brand of laptop to buy

    Whats your budget? are you in UK or US?