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    Excel-Outlook Calendar True Sync

    Great. Thanks a lot. I'll keep you updated.
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    Excel-Outlook Calendar True Sync

    Thanks, Hans. I have found code to add appointments, but I'm new to VBA so have yet to find any code to query existing appointments. Do you know of any examples?
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    Send Outlook reminder on specified dates from Excel

    You can write a pretty simple script to set up a reminder in your outlook 6 months from a static start date as long as everyone opens the excel file and runs the macro at the beginning. Are you looking for something different than that?
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    Excel-Outlook Calendar True Sync

    Hey. First time posting and I couldn't find a definitive answer from searching through the forums... I've seen many ways to export dates from an excel spreadsheet as outlook calendar appointments both using VBA and just the manual export feature. However, before I search myself into oblivion...