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    Push Out Screensaver VIA GPO & Configure

    Thanks. Do you have a source on how to do that?
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    Push Out Screensaver VIA GPO & Configure

    No, from digging around it looks like the settings are stored in the registry, however it's per user. I'm looking for a way to assign this screensaver with the specific configuration (ie, not the default text for the screensaver) to all PCs, regardless of the logged on user.
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    Streaming Radio Issues - Constant Interruptions

    I was thinking of that, however since my original post I've been able to listen w/o issue using Internet Explorer. This narrows the problem down to Google Chrome I would think.
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    Push Out Screensaver VIA GPO & Configure

    I'm trying to push out the 3d Text screensaver to Windows 7 machines using Server 2008 and GPO. Pushing out the screensaver is no problem, the issue is with the configuration. How do I push out the specific configuration for the 3d Text screensaver to all the PCs? Thanks!
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    Streaming Radio Issues - Constant Interruptions

    No proxy servers, Firewall is off on the PC in question, Cisco ASA5505 between the LAN and WAN, port 80 is unblocked.
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    Streaming Radio Issues - Constant Interruptions

    Thanks for the reply. I completely agree with you. I'd love to tell him that we don't support it but that wouldn't fly in this case, unfortunately. They have a 100Mb pipe here, so bandwidth is a non issue at the moment. When the four remote sites come online in the following year we'll have to...
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    Streaming Radio Issues - Constant Interruptions

    One of our clients is stating that he is experiencing interruptions in streaming radio. Specifically Sirius ( and 1010 WINS ( They have a great setup here, brand new building with CAT...
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    Modify Windows Server Datacenter to appear as Standard

    A little back story first: We are virtualizing one of our clients and using Server Datacenter, due to the way the licensing works out. They have a few legacy programs that will not install on Datacenter. The setup simply will not run as it looks for the Standard edition of Windows Server. My...
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    server room cooling

    True. If I could figure out how to keep the inside of a rack the same temperature as the room without some sort of cooling setup for the rack, I'd be doing alright.
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    Internet through wlan in XP (when both wlan and LAN are enabled)

    Try removing the default gateway from your LAN connection. Make a note of it before you remove it as you might lose connectivity from the LAN, I'm not sure how the LAN is set up. I would think that if you typed in Google, and DNS resolves the IP address and sees that it is not on the local...
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    server room cooling

    You could take a look at the operating temperature listed in the manuals of the equipment within the racks. If you're in the 70's you should be ok.
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    Network keeps going offline

    Did you try JohnWill's other suggestions of trying a different port on the router and trying a different cable? Are there other computers connected via wire to the router? If so, are they experiencing the same problem? If other than your desktop all you have is your netbook, connect your...
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    Dell Latitude D610 Power Problem

    I get the same result. Is there any way to test if the power supply is good? It's completely possible that both power supplies are NG.
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    Canon camera not recognized

    I had to explain that to a client last night. If everything in the IT world worked as it *should,* I wouldn't be in business. Glad you're up and running.
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    Best Way to Dual-boot Win7 and XP in Same Partition?

    I <3 virtualization.