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  • Hi Poochie. Is this place still going. I am finding it difficult to navigate like I remember last time which is quite a while ago?
    P.S. If I post this question on Forum where, which section do I post it on??? I hope you can guide me.
    Again, my apology for bothering you... But I am trying to help a friend who is brand new. .
    Hi poochee, please excuse me for bothering you ... My friend joined this forum yesterday and she said she was NOT able to leave a message for me because there was NO message box. I do not understand why she does not see...

    Thanks so much in advance for any tip or help.

    Sincerely, Laura.
    Hi, sorry don't know. Check with an Admin.
    I hope you can help me I down load kodi 17 on win 7 and when I open it I get error unable to create G U I can you help me with this
    You posted this in the wrong place.
    I bet that if you posted a question on how to do it in the Tech Section, someone can help you.:)
    Well, if you happen to jolt awake in the middle of the night someday and remember, you can blame me for the loss of sleep, but you'll have to tell me who it was. I would LOVE to have Corporal Punishment actually salute!
    Hi poochee,
    I added another pic of what my truck should look like when I get it done. Question- where did you get the animated Pink Panther avatar? I see LANmaster has Hypno Toad, I want a cool avatar too!
    Hi poochee;
    I tried to contact Valley but there hasn't been a reply. The last post I can find for her was in Sept. I don't see any activity on her group so I can't help but wonder. Can you email her and see what's up?
    I would love to join the Christian group but I can't figure out how and there is actually a thread for others who can't figure it out as well. It would be great if someone would post directions and freeze them on the main page.
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