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    What's this? Anyone know?

    It's a Sansa mp3 player made by Sansa. Looks like the E250 model I owned. They have onboard storage and can also accept microSD cards.
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    Wireless concerns

    Honestly, it sounds like they did.
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    Torvalds warns the world Don’t use the Linux 5.12-rc1 kernel

    This has all the urgency of: "Don't pour water over your computer!" ...or... "Don't throw your laptop under a bus!" Sometimes Torvalds just wants to flex on the Linux-sphere.
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    Frozen Hard Disk Drive on OptiPlex GX620, how do I fix this?

    Try re-seating the cables, or try a different SATA cable.
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    Using a Wifi Access Point

    The 5Ghz band is not great at penetrating walls. Live with what you got, get a repeater, or move the router.
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    Using a Wifi Access Point

    Swap out the wifi card for something 2.4 Ghz capable. They'll probably be less expensive than an access point and whatever extra hardware....
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    Solved What is the bios and boot key for this laptop

    You may need to tap the key repeatedly during the boot process.
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    Way to restore drive image each time system is turned on?

    Puppy Linux. Theme it to make it look like Windows if you'd like.
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    Access point or wireless extender, which is better for me?

    If you are planning on having two desktop computers in the same room, you could always try using wired internet connection sharing. All you would need is another ethernet nic (USB, PCI or PCI-E) and a suitable length of ethernet cable. Assuming at least one of the computers has a gigabit...
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    Why do people believe that plandemic exists?

    Yes. Yes. A pandemic for squirrels. Imagine a pandemic killing off every bird on Earth. How would that effect humans? Ecosystem/Food-Chain...and all that.
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    Extending to 3 screens with only 1 HDMI Port?

    This solution isn't something I would recommend for gaming or any type of smooth video playback. Like Oddba11 said, reading static text or images...okay. Anythng else...yikes.
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    Dedicated video memory

    Your computer is not going to run PUBG. It just isn't.
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    Replace rented router

    We play with the hand we're dealt, I suppose.
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    Messed up my raid 0 now 1 of the hard drives shows up

    Your disk probably failed at the hardware level. Having a hardware failure would absolutely trash RAID 0... It's probably that, and not the other way around, like thinking it was RAID 0 that "broke" your drive.
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    Can I use Plain RAM/RGM RAM-plain RAM/RGM RAM?

    It's a tier below bronze rating that some manufacturers use. Essentially it means nothing other than assigning it a colour for marketing purposes.