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    Uncompressing RAR without installing program

    You could try krunch
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    Win 98 desktop issue

    The links on this page for Disappear should solve your problem, you may need VB40032.DLL (also available for download from the same site
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    How 2 compress Image file???

    Try Trout's GIF Optimizer (365kb freeware)
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    Solved: Win32 Generic Host Process

    Hang fire on that, try installing installer 3.1 v 2
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    Solved: Win32 Generic Host Process

    you could try uninstalling the updates you attempted to install last night
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    Where do i get this cable?

    3.5mm (1/8") Stereo jacks to 9 pin mini-dins are quite a specialist item. You could try this side of the pond and this
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    Solved: Win32 Generic Host Process

    Try reinstalling Windows Installer
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    turn off norton subscription warnings?

    You could : a) Pay the subscription, (not cheap) b) Turn off Liveupdate (not clever) c) Install avg (cheap and clever)
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    Sending pdf file from Access 2003

    There is a download from M$ that works for Office 2007, though I am sure you really don't to be forking out a few hundred dollars for Office 2007 just for that feature. probably not want you want to hear, but you could always use OpenOffice Base
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    ose.exe is usually found in the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\
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    Verifying DMI Pool Data . . . . . . .

    Try Safe mode with command prompt. If you get the command prompt, do a chkdsk /f
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    error message on starting up Windows XP

    yes, Bob, but what I was saying in the first place, was that it was quite a coincidence that it occurred on the Installation of the Panda in the first place! I still think it is panda at fault here and not the virus
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    Verifying DMI Pool Data . . . . . . .

    Use this diagnostic tool , just to make sure
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    Windows Login

    Start Windows Without Prompting for a Password
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    Verifying DMI Pool Data . . . . . . .

    Before we go any further lets verify that the Hard drive hasn't in fact had it's day.. What make of HDD is it?