Gone but Never Forgotten, from (Experience) Intermediate.

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Jan 13, 2016
    1. Shellbell
      Hi....Not sure if this is the route I should be taking...I posted a problem with a HJ log about my computer having issues. I posted it on the forum where only moderators can help, but as of yet I have had no response. I KNOW this is a volunteer site, so I am not complaining at all. I appreciate any help I have received here. I use Avira for virus protection, and recently have had virus warnings of Dldr.Mufanom.hum. I tried running combofix...not have rundll errs. I play pogo games, and they wont load now either...Does my computer have a "cough due to cold" If I need to post in a different forum, just let me know how to do that please....Thanks in advance
    2. pyritechips
      Liam is now 10 months old, a complete handful and worth every minute of lost sleep. Fatherhood surpasses adulthood and feels great! Thank you for asking.
    3. Drabdr
      Man how time flies. How old is Liam? Is "PappaHood" starting to grow on you?
    4. sfmccarthyjr
    5. TechnoDude
    6. fgdn17
      I didn't use any profanity....since when is D$$am profanity???
    7. Acorn1208b
      baby must b walkin by now ...hehe . I skeerin myself now . I just got this antique HP to run .... was full of trojans too . I killed my motherboard ....<waves to gigabyte> Was time I guess . This critter has no discs of a different color ....I conquered . Pats herself on the back . Tell the rain to Go ...I wanna go to the beach <3 Acorn aka Lisa
    8. sykokid3
      hello sir can u please luk at my post ! i am facing some hardware poblems . can u please check it out ?
    9. Linkmaster
      Howdy, my friend !
    10. jimi
      jim, i need a bit of help, my old handle ion this board was jimi, but i have no access to the [email protected] e-mail addy and can't remember my old password. if you need some confirmation as to who i am - ask away. i can't send PM's aslo? things have changed a bit but i'll get up to speed eventually. BTW the joint sucked
    11. Blackmirror
    12. Blackmirror
      I know very sad Jim:(
      take care hugs xx
    13. Blackmirror
      Hope everyone is well Jim :D
    14. Tuppence2
      Hello there. :)
    15. Blackmirror
      you are nuts:D
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