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Jan 13, 2016
Jun 2, 2002
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Gone but Never Forgotten, from (Experience) Intermediate.

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Jan 13, 2016
    1. Blackmirror
      I remember it well
      just love very moment
      taste it
      the first year is so spacial xxxxxxx
    2. Blackmirror
      love the new pics Liam xxxxxxxxxxxx
    3. Acorn1208b
      Brandy new here ... searching thru threads that may aid me . Saw your insight on politics and religion . High 5 Man . Obviously u r well seasoned here ...can u clue me as to HOW to identify a TECH or real help versus someone who may harm my PC to listen to ...I see the solved ...but I do not see the WHO solved part ? Thanx Lis aka Acorn1208b
    4. Linkmaster
      hey Bud !
      How are Mel and Liam doing ??

      How are you ??
      Sorry i missed ya this weekend. Hopefully we can talk soon !!

    5. Farmgirl22
      I see you think you are an EXPERT diaper changer now....:rolleyes: :D :D I think you'll find that you aren't when your little guy gets to be a very squirmy toddler! :eek: :eek: :p :p

      Good luck! :)
    6. Prinnylynn
      Hey....hope you are all doing well!
    7. Drabdr
      Hey, Jim! Looked around for some current pictures.. but none to be found! This is the best time! Their eyes are open longer, they have good color, and... you're not so scared!! When you can, throw a couple of new pictures up.
    8. CrazyComputerMan
      Aw! That's so cute!
    9. CrazyComputerMan
      Who's photo of that baby in avatar?
    10. faith
      A blast from the past! I got an update to this thread on line and had to congratulate you and Melissa (Belatedly... waaaay belatedly) on the birth of your son! May he sleep through the night in record time! -faith
    11. wladicus
      Hi Jim,
      Sorry... I sent you an email and failed to identify that my handle was 'wladicus' (just in case you are confused about what 'idiot' sent you mail).
      I just stopped by to say hello, and congratulations on the new addition to your family! I feel a lot of joy in your household.
      Have a nice day.
      walt :)
    12. SilverSurfing
      no one said the key was not legit, it was actually donated to me by a friend combined with my back up cd rom?
    13. allheart55
    14. Tuppence2
      Hello there. Long time no see. I hope you are doing well. I will have been retired from work for two years at the end of the month and have enjoyed every minute. I'm volunteering at a garden centre and in a charity shop in town that raises money for people the cerebral palsy and keeping busy with the dogs, gardening, knitting and crocheting. Just crocheting my first every pair of socks. I've knitted them in the past.

      Nice to hear from you. Bye :)
    15. hannab
      What's going on with Pyritechips, Jr. :confused:

      go scare Melissa or something :p
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