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    Solved: Remote Access Software (Freeware)

    Try out the free Splash Desk online remote assistance application. Seems to work well through all kinds of browser restrictions so you can use it pretty much anywhere because it doesnt require things like ActiveX plugins to work. And its really tiny: 107kb in size:
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    Windows XP Login Problems

    Once Windows XP gets passed the Welcome screen I receive the following error message: The system could not log you in. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case. Actually this error message...
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    IE6 - Empty Temp Folder AND Cookies on Close

    Im using MS Internet Explorer 6.0 for WinXP and would like to have it so that when i close the browser it not only empties the temproary internet files but also the cookies. I have checked on the "Empty Temporary Internet Files on browser close" option under Advanced but it seems to only remove...
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    ICANN vs New.Net

    I've just discovered which offers "unofficial" top level domains such as .XXX and .SHOP, and, according to the organization, has amassed over 75 million registrants @ $14/yr a pop. My questions: 1. If's business is legal why haven't there been more companies like them popping...
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    Understanding Wireless Bandwidth

    I've been reading wireless and bandwidth and am still confused on how having more bandwidth (ie. 200khz vs 200mhz) provides me with more data capacity. Can you please explain this for me?
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    HP Deskjet 950C NOT printing COLOR ??

    Thanks for the response. The Deskjet 950c does NOT have any orange light flashing while printing or not printing. The HP toolbox utility, oddly enough, always reports the color and b&w ink catridges as 90% full even when i install proven empty catridges. The b&w catridge works fine, after a...
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    Ordering Business Cards Online...

    I'm Canadian and am considering ordering business cards online from They're kind enough to offer a free 250 cards with no customization. There aren't many card templates on the site but you cant beat that offer. Anyone who has used such services can you tell me how the quality...
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    Windows Media Player - Why Connecting...

    Im using Windows Media Player v9 for Win2000 Pro. Every time i play a video WMP always has the message "Connecting..." just before the clip is shown. This wastes 10 secs and does nothing apparent. WHy does it do this and how do i prevent this?
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    HP Deskjet 950C NOT printing COLOR ??

    I own an HP Deskjet 950c color printer. I recently installed a new color ink color cartridge and find the printer still not printing any color. The old ink cartridge is an HP c6578d, which worked fine, and the new cartridge is an unknown brand with the id: HP C6578D Replacement Cartridge (High...
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    Refill Ink Catridge Question

    I own a HP Deskjet 950C printer that uses a HP51645A black ink catridge. These babies are expensive. Can i use a refill kit on my empty standard ink catridge or do i need to purchase a special refill catridge? How is this all done? If i need a new catrdige will they be compatible with my...
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    Iomega ZIP Drive is PIO Mode 0 ?

    Can someone confirm the transfer mode of an Internal Iomega ZIP 100 IDE Drive for a PC as PIO Mode 0? I always figured it was UDMA/33. Could my Award BIOS be getting things wrong? Currently Windows 2000 shows the Transfer Mode as PIO Mode Only while my DVDROM (also on the same channel) is...
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    Creating a "working" ZIP Boot Disk?

    I've looked all over the net but just cant seem to find a reliable source for creating a zip boot disk. I own an Iomega ZIP 100 internal ATAPI drive and would like to place my drive image app onto it. I want the zip disk to be bootable not unlike a standard floppy disk. My OS is Windows 2000...
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    Flashing my SCSI Adapter's BIOS?

    Johnwill, Darn. :D Wellp, Im going to try to hack this FLASH4.exe file but as a backup I would still like to have u as an option. EMAIL me at: zerohourx [at] so we can discuss further. CU on the other side.
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    Flashing my SCSI Adapter's BIOS?

    This kinda sounds unfair but what the heck. Johnwill, hows 'bout I send you my 2940UW, and you can keep it and do your routined quick and easy flash to get the BIOS perfect again for yourself. You can send me one of your closet 2940uw. Fair trade?!? :D I pay shipping of course.
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    Flashing my SCSI Adapter's BIOS?

    Johnwill, I'd gladly send you my Adaptec Host Adapter to get you to flash the bios since you have a flash programmer. Naturally I'd pay you for your generous service. :D I wish i knew of a faster approach though.