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    Java Help!

    I placed a correction I was not aware of the 'diff' tool in the website so i placed a bunch of commented lines stating what i changed =/ sorry. anyhow: What are you using to type your code? I used Eclipse and it told me exctly what was wrong with the...
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    Which MS Express language should I learn?

    I also agree on ALL of the other points. But, this is why I recomended to stay away from VB. VB developers get their mind set in a structured language more than a Object Oriented one. The syntax in VB makes it harder for people to think 'EVERYTHING is an object!' mentality. Some beginers...
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    Eporting in Access

    Then you need to create an Excel object open the file where you exported your data, and then format the spreadsheet. or... use the function below instead = ) This function will insert data to Excel from a ADO recordset. If will spread the data in multiple sheets of there are more than...
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    Access 2003 - Error 3046

    Here is another idea: It gets locked to all users because one user in particular is opening the database in 'Exclusive mode'. One of your users (or yourself) have changed his -Tools>Options>Advance>Default Open Mode = 'Exclusive'
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    Visual Basic Problem

    ummm.. you are missing a colon after 'Range' ?
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    MySQL query problem

    Hard to help you when you show VB code and not the actual SQL statement produced by it. My best guess is missing quotation marks on one of the values.
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    Eporting in Access

    just check the box 'keep formatting' in the lower right corner of the export dialog. =P
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    Which MS Express language should I learn?

    This is correct. Express only applies to the IDE. The languages are fully supported and only depend on the framework (.NET 2.0). you can write code on any of those languages in notepad if you want. The limitations are in the tools included in the IDE. The reason to chose a language over...
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    office XP standard -limited to 1 computer

    Kiwiguy, Yes you are correct in your case, but it is open to debate for the original post. We would need to see if the EULA for his product includes that clause. Please lets notice that he stated he installed it on his daughter's computer for her use. From...
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    Solved: excel help needed

    Ummm.. Why dont you just create a pivot table?
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    Excel Spreadsheet - too much info

    Thats what happens when people use Excel as a database. =/ To collect masive data you use a database. Excel is for complext math equations. Create a database in Access with two tables. One for the customer information which includes the account number as a primary key. Create a second table...
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    Accessing excel worksheets in a word document (VB macro).

    I see what you mean now. That object only exist embedded in your document and is not linked to an external Excel file. Unfortunately, I can't help you there.
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    Accessing excel worksheets in a word document (VB macro).

    Public Function ModXlsFile() Dim xls As Excel.Application Dim xlsWkb As Excel.Workbook Set xls = CreateObject("Excel.Application") xls.NewWorkbook.Add "someFileName.xls" xls.Workbooks.Add xls.Workbooks(1).Activate Set xlsWkb = xls.Workbooks(1)...
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    office XP standard -limited to 1 computer

    All Microsoft software can be installed only in one computer. If you want to install that same software with that same disc in a second computer you need to buy the second licence. You can make a copy of the CD for backup puposes. Office PRO is a single user licence just like any other...
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    Office VBA usage of :=

    Thank you for your responses guys. I also found that while VBA does not support the ':=' assigment it is in ocation used inside some objects, and this is because this objects are outside of VBA (I.E. connections to databases where you need to declare/assign a value to a variable when...