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    Clipboard manager
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    Clipboard manager

    Use Yankee Clipper and you won't have to worry about all that other junk!
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    What is this driver Win7 is trying to load?

    Wonder why it wants to load? That does have to do with cable, doesn't it. I don't have high speed.
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    What is this driver Win7 is trying to load?

    Acer laptop running Win7. If more info needed let me know. Zone Alarm keeps popping up with this message: windows host process (rundll32) is trying to load the driver: root program files broadcom bdrvl57inst k57nd60a.sys (left out the slashes on purpose) What is it? Did a search on...
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    a plumbing question-if you turn off main water and you turn on the hot water faucet d

    Shut the power off to the unit. It is possible for the water to siphon out.
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    Audio cassette player on radio

    Not sure what spindle knobs are, but have you looked for broken belts??? (I'm shooting in the dark here!)
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    Craftsman garage door problem

    If the opener senses an obstruction it will stop and go back up. It could be that you just need a little lubrication or adjustment on the door. Try releasing the door from the opener and open and close it manually to see if there is a tight spot and go from there. I've had the same problem with...
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    External HD Data Tranfer XP-Windows 7

    The external HD is usb? If so just plug it in, Win 7 should recognize it as another drive (listing it under Computer in the Start Menu), then just move files wherever you want them. I have the same setup as yours, XP to Win 7. I transfer files back and forth regularly.
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    Cool Site Of The Day.
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    Solved: going green

    Agree with Stoner. Laptop battery will maintain memory, but desktop with no power source will lose memory and restart when power restored.
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    [How to] Improve Windows Vista and Windows 7 Boot Speed

    Reread the article. Note the update.
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    1996 craftsman push mower wont start

    The carb may "look" clean but may not be. Which carb is it, bowl or not? Bowl carb has needle valve and ports that may be stopped up. If not bowl type, may need a new kit. Most times the non bowl type can be cleaned and will work without new kit, but is always best to install a new kit.
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    New Laptop Ideas

    I would stay away from HP (Compaq). Seems like most overheat. Have one now that I won't use without an exterior cooler fan underneath it. Recently bought an Acer 7736Z from for around $600 with extended warranty. Really satisfied with it. 17" screen, but you might find one you like...
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    how do i fix the text size on my asus laptop

    If cookies are enabled on your computer, once you zoom in a website it will stay that way as long as the cookies to that website have not expired. I visit certain websites every day and once zoomed in it remains the same size each time I visit. As far as the programs on your computer, if they...
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    Solved: What cellphone do I use if I only use it once in awhile?

    My wife and I each have a T Mobile pay as you go. Normally they have a special where you can buy a phone real cheap and you get a $25 card free. After purchasing $100 worth of minutes, the minutes roll over, are good for a year, plus you get 15% extra for each card you buy. After the free card...