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80, from Santa Barbara, CA USofA

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Apr 18, 2019
    1. raybro
      Appreciate the thought, seamer but, no, we don't have room for another dog. Just got an Aussie pup about 9 months back and she is a hand full.
    2. seamer
      hi raybo just wondering-my friend 89 died a few days ago and a while back i found him a pup just like yours and he got it. veery smart god about 1 year old-runs and sits no boiting jumps up a little-but now this dog needs a home unles they have already have plans which i think not-do you want another austrial doggie let me know steamer in san diego cal. see ya thanks s
    3. cmg1138
      Hope you don't mind my adding my query to the one you are looking at already
      thanks a mystified parent
    4. raybro
      Thanks. Those are the 2 Aussie's we had for 13 years. Great dogs. We now have a pup just like the Black/White/Tan one 3 years old. We have had 5 Aussie's over the years and this one is the most intelligent of them all. Smarter than me, I think. Thanks for the comment... Ray
    5. CrazyComputerMan
    6. Raz1el
    7. chrisjohn
      Hi raybro
      I am still plodding away trying to understand the whys and wherefores of my hp windows 7 package but I have one specific problem you may be able to advise/explain to me the computer came with 320gb hard drive with only 284 left free there is a factory image partition of 13.5gb shown separately the rest I have no idea where it has gone. Anyway I have loaded most of the compatible and wanted programs from the old disk which in total should have used no more than 26gb there is 9gb of system restore so a theoretical 35 say36gb of used disk space but according to my system properties I only have 229gb free which means I have lost another 19gb which at my age seems an awful lot any thoughts about this problem would be much appreciated
    8. aaron33
      my old comp had similar problem,, was building comp...pentium 4 ..gigabyte motherboard, but was given a no name harddrive to install,,, since was not compatable with other parts of comp, the computer itself wld only recognize about half , being about 242 mb's : (
    9. yankee505
      thanks so much for yr info - am trying hard to keep up with todays tech
      problems (am 79) - and my wife is proud that I can handle a computer!
      Brgds, yankee505
    10. jberd99usa
      P.S. I set the "Hide file" check back as I found it. Was that right? Also I have two accounts on this computer. One is the "Administrator" and one is "User". I only use "User" and made the changes to "User". Should I change "Administrator" or should I have done that, (in "Administrator"), right from the start? And one last thing....Can I take all the settings and programs from "user" and import them to "Administrator" or can I make "User" the "Administrator"? If I can, would this free up space on my machine by removing, (deleting), one of them? Thanks again. (Looonnnggg P.S., eh?).

    11. raybro
      I still use the Crucial site to order RAM, but I no longer trust the scanner. I now use the alternative of entering the computer mfr, model, etc.. OR I get the mobo info and enter that. Works much better.

    12. Angelo PC
      Angelo PC
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