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    Solved Volume icon missing

    Yes it does work with W10, I just checked my wife's laptop with W10 and instead of the line : “Always show all Icons and Notifications on the Taskbar” appearing at the bottom, it appears at the very top of the Screen, so try it... On or Off, off if you want to make changes... And personally I...
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    Solved Volume icon missing

    Going back to what davehc said re: “Try Settings - Personalisation - Taskbar "turn system icons on or off" You can turn it on there, - if not already selected!” And you stated: “Ok, so when I tried this the Volume icon was listed but it was neither "on" nor "off". It had a grayish color...
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    Freezes at log in after boot up!

    a new cpu on a new computer, that's a first for me, then again I am not a big gamer. Re-check the installation of your cpu, is it sitting properly? Did you get the right cpu for your motherboard? And as metallica5456 stated, you now might have to update your firmware.
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    Microsoft Getting Sneaky With Windows 8.1

    Wow, Sneaky is right, but if we avoid installing The two updates are KB4012218 and KB4012219, as you provided in your link, would this solve the problem? And most important, thank you flavallee for the Heads Up.
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    Solved 8.1 Upgrade?

    I agree with OverTallman , adding another 8GB ram on your machine is a waste of money 8GB is more than good enough, that is what I have on my 4 year old laptop with a so so Video card and I have no problems with Video streaming. As a follow up, did you try the tip I gave you? This tip as...
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    Solved 8.1 Upgrade?

    This tip if you haven't tried it already, helped many people who have older video cards and/or Slow internet connections: Bring up the video that you want to watch, Start it and as Soon as it Starts, Pause it, let it run until it is fully loaded, then give your Full Screen a try to see if that...
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    Device Manager Crash

    I wouldn't use Windows to update your devices in this case, best to go to the Manufactures site and get your Drivers from them. Good luck
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    Why does my PC lag/crash so much?

    "My PC is lagging very badly as usual" When you say this, does that mean it lagged straight from the box? If not, how long has this lagging been going on? What type of Anti-Virus do you use? Have you run Malwarebytes and/or other anti malware software to see if you have any malware or virus'...
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    adobe flash player floater

    Also to add to what Bob suggested, you did not say which Browser you are using, if say you are using Firefox you will get that "allow or deny message" if A) your Adobe Flash Player is not up to date or if it is B) Firefox is configured to automatically request this, if that is the case, you...
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    Pressing Caps Lock Turns My Laptop Off (URGENT)

    I agree with Bob, and yes it is a Laptop as you *say, but if he could borrow a wireless or a USB keyboard from a friend, then he could test to see if the problem is with his Laptop keyboard. If he can't borrow one, then he could head out to a local computer shop or even Best Buy or Staples...
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    GWX Control Panel Released!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, much appreciated
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    Windows Update(s) Warning

    Thanks for the heads up moeslock, I just checked my updates and surely enough it was there AGAIN!!! Windows 7 will also get one re: KB 2952664 Although these updates are not as much as a Pain in the butt as the others, nevertheless still annoying. At least MS has put it back as Optional...
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    GWX Control Panel Released!

    Thanks for the heads up Frank, much appreciated.
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    Windows Update(s) Warning

    I just received a message that there were Updates needed to be done, WARNING: One to the Updates is the one that flavallee mentioned awhile back to get rid of: KB3035583 if you don't want to update to Windows 10, MS is once again trying to pass it off as an Important update, so keep an eye on...
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    Windows 8 va Windows 8.1

    To make a long answer short: 1) Windows 8 is no longer supported for updates 2) With W8.1 you get your start button back and other improvements, see other Threads in this forum for differences between 8 and 8.1 Good luck