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    Win 2000 setup problems

    i was going to re-install win2000 pro and i started to, but then i decided not to go with the re-install. now when i startup, i have to choose between the win2000 pro setup and win2000 pro. i need to know how to get rid of the setup choice when i start my computer. it is getting really...
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    Windows 2000 pro install??!!

    my brother is trying to install windows 2000 pro on his computer rght now but it won't recognize the CD in the cd-rom drive. he put in the cd-rom configuration disk and tried but it didn't work. i need to know how to run from the cd-rom drive. PLEASE HELP!
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    Mic still not working

    i already posted an item on this site about my mic not working after installing windows 2000 pro. i already tried GOING to options >properties and check the settings for recording devices. There si a microphone setting in there too. it still doesn't work, i can hear my mic in my own...
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    Microphone won't work

    ok, my microphone worked fine with all applications when i had Win 98, but now it won't work at all with windows 2000. i don't get it because i checked in the volume menu and it said that everything was on and nothing was muted. im confused.
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    DOS mode problems???

    i really need some help here. i have windows 2000 pro right now and i can't get my computer to start up in DOS mode. i press F8 at the startup and the options it gives me doesn't allow me to start in DOS. i need to format my hard drive and re-install windows 2000 pro. i tried formatting it...