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    How can I get multiple file names translated?

    First, I do NOT know of any third-party software that will do everything you asked for. Second, 30,000 files is a LOT of file names to be translated. Third, I have no knowledge of your specific computer's operating system. However, some thoughts occur to me: 1. There are some free...
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    Solved: How to use Word 2010 Building Blocks in other applications

    I don't believe that you can directly access a Word component from an external application. Nor do I think that Word's Building Blocks have a direct application in the other Office applications. But, you can try these suggestions: 1. Create the exact cover page (or whatever) that you want in...
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    MS Works - Database

    You're welcome. It is always nice to know if my suggestions were of any value. BTW, I believe that the forum tries to add a SOLVED tag to threads that are in fact solved. But from what I've seen the originator of the thread (in this case you) is the only one who can go back and do that. When I...
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    MS Works - Database

    An MS-Works database does NOT use a "Print Area", but the spreadsheet does. I believe I know what you are trying to do. If you already have your names in a Database file, then you can use the Report Creator wizard to pick which fields (ex: Name, Last Name, First Name, etc.) you want on the...