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    Adding ID3 tags to AAC files

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get music playing on my phone, but the problem is this: The only file format that my phone plays without skipping in AAC (.m4a), but the phone can only read ID3 tags. Does anyone know how to add ID3 tags to an AAC file?
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    Some flash movies don't show up

    I use Firefox, and recently, some flash movies will not show up, even on sites where, two weeks ago, they showed up fine. There isn't even a blank, open space where the movie should be, the other contents of the site are just shifted up (sometimes resulting in a blank space under that, but...
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    Congifuring Borland C++ 5.5

    Hey everybody, I'm taking a computer science class in school, and am trying to get the free Borland C++ on my computer at home. I've downloaded the file and unpacked it, and now I'm stuck. From browsing on the Internet, it looks like you have to create a few files (1 .bat, 2 .cfg's). I tried...
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    LG DVD drive not playing movies well

    Okay, I tried playing a video on my old DVD-ROM drive, and it worked fine. So, I guess that mean's it's my DVD drive that's the problem . . . Is there an way that I canchange configurations or anything along those lines to improve the DVD playback?
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    LG DVD drive not playing movies well

    The DVD drive I have is an LG GSA-H22L. It has a DVD read of 16x. The problem I'm having is that when I use it to watch movies the playback is kind of jerky or rough. The sound and video skips, and at some points it's all just moves in slow motion. I'm not sure why. With my old DVD-ROM (a much...
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    DVD to iPod

    So, it could be a software problem, not a problem (well, characteristic of) the drive?
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    DVD to iPod

    To start with, the DVD drive I'm trying to use is an LG 18x Super Multi DVD Rewriter (GSA-H22L) and the iPod is a 60 gig video iPod. Alright, now for my problem. I'm trying to get some DVD movies onto my iPod. I bought Pinnacle Multimedia Converter to do this. Whenever I try to convert a DVD...
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    Help! AoEII Multiplayer

    Do you (or anyone) know how would I use the DMZ portion to play AoEII? Also, I've been experimenting with a program called Hamachi, that creates a "fake lan" connection which can be used to play multiplayer games, but so far it's having issues. Does anyone know more about this program?
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    Help! AoEII Multiplayer

    My cousins and I have been trying to figure out how to play Age of Empires II Conquerers over the Internet. The problem is (I think) that we all get our Internet access through routers. I don't know what their router is, but for reference the one my household uses is a D-Link DI-614+. Hosting...
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    Halo/Direct3D problem

    I just installed Halo on my computer. When I try running it, the little screen that says "Halo" on it pops up, then the screen goes blank, and then I get an error message that says "A problem has occured initializing Direct3D. Hardware acceleration may be disabled, please run DXDIAG." So, I ran...
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    Hard drive issues

    Perhaps I should mention this first: When I originally was putting all the cables back in the computer after installing the new DVD drive and moving the hard drive, I grabbed a different SATA cable then I orignally was using with the PSU. When I tried turning on the computer then, the PSU would...
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    Hard drive issues

    Well, today I bought a ned DVD drive for my computer, and a new round ATA cable. While I was installing the drive, I moved the hard drive down a couple bays, so that there would be room for the extra cable and make everything more accessible. After I hooked everything back up and started the...
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    just got new ram, emmiting low buzz when in

    Make sure the RAM is inserted all the way into the slot, and that both clips are firmly in place, it could just be that the stick is vibrating.
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    PSU Malfunction

    Hello all, Well, to get right into it, my PSU conked out. I shut down my computer (Start > Turn Off Computer . . .), it didn't automatically turn off like it normally does. So, I tried the power switch, nothing happened. Finally, I flipped the switch on the PSU. Obviously, it was off now...
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    Switch-on problems

    I agree, the PSU could definitely be having issues, whether or not there seems to be any cause. As a matter of fact, I just had to replace a rather pricy PSU (thankfully it was still under warrenty), and I still have no idea what I did that made it stop working. There are a few things you can...